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"Makes me want to be excellent in even little things and tiny details that no one will ever see or know about. Just because."

This reminds me of the verse I'm memorizing for Memory Monday this week! It's in Colossians 3--"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."

The footnotes in my Bible talk about letting everything we do be a form of worship to God. Even if no one else sees those little things, God does. And He appreciates them.

p.s. I would like a copy of "Expecting" if I win. ;)


Is it fair to enter the drawing even if we know Marla and have read her books all the time and try to pass them on to others as gifts at every opportunity? It probably isn't fair, but I have a couple sweet young soon-to-be marrieds in my life, and I want to give them both "Is That All...." If I win the the copy, I would only have to buy one. Yippee!


wow! you all got quite a bit more snow than we did. here there's about an inch on the ground, but it's super slushy. don't know that it's fair to call it snow.

Katy Lin

beautiful snow pictures! i love the swirly saturday idea! i may have to steal that one from you :)

i'd be happy with either of Marla's books - they both look fantastic!


would love "is that all he thinks about"... beautiful snow! glad we don't have any today... 74 here! :)


I'd love to read "Is that all he thinks about?". Thanks! Thanks also for introducing us to Marla's blog. I look forward to spending some time there. I love your thinking about how God makes the snowflakes and most of them no one even sees, but he just does it for his enjoyment!


i'd love "is that all he thinks about?". :) just one of those titles that i know all my friends and i would probably pass around. :)

and wow at the snow. it does remind me of narnia. beautiful!


Wow...I loved seeing your snow pics! The family spent the whole day outside here doing much needed spring cleanup...can you believe we were almost 80!!!!!???? Enjoyed the sunshine, but sure also love the snow. Truly swirly! :)
Love ya....glad your man made it home safe and sound. Hope you had a fun mommy day out!

Lori Anne

Those snow pictures are just beautiful! (Even though I know living in it THIS time of year isn't your first choice). Glad to get caught up on all things you.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Hmmm, I just read some of the beginning of Marla's _Is_That_All_He_Thinks_About? book and I have to disagree on one point. She said, "The bigger issue is this—feelings or no, do it with a good attitude. God will let the desire follow. Maybe not right away, but it will come. God says, “Obey me when you don’t feel like it—when you can’t see the final outcome—and I’ll make it worth your while.”

I agree that we should be obedient. In this case, that means having sex regularly whether or not you feel like it. And I agree that there is worth in that. But the idea that God will give us a desire to do that, where is that in the Bible? I think God will give us a desire to obey him. So as we have sex for the zillionth time when we don't want to, we will appreciate the fact that we are being obedient to God. But that doesn't mean that we're going to want to have sex any more on time one million and one than we did the first time we were obedient and had sex when we didn't want to.

Where are we ever promised that we'll desire to do something we don't want to? What we're promised is that God will be glorified in our obedience.

Lisa P in California

"Is that all he thinks about" would be my choice. We don't get snow...ever. It looks so beautiful in your pictures.


"prepare like crazy and then let the Spirit lead"
Ha I love this! This is so totally me at university!

So jealous of your snow!

Praying for you at the retrat,

Beth Whitney

Is that all...please! :)

Reading Misplacing God...loving it! :)

Kim Feth

I would love a copy of "Is That All He Thinks About". Haven't read either book and was thinking yesterday about what I should read next.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC
P.S. God is amazing. You got that beautiful snow and I was in the upper 70's in my shorts. Yeah, only God can do that one!


my swirly saturday marked the first day/night/day combo of being away from my son (27 months). annoyingly enough, he was excellent for my husband (no fuss at nap and bedtime, ate well, basically did things the OPPOSITE of what he does with me). but i did enjoy a peaceful sleep in a fluffy hotel bed!

I would like a copy of Is That All He Thinks About, as I just finished a secular book on the (kinda-but-not-really) same topic.

Thanks! and didn't you just love the Ice Queen in spite of yourself?


I'm getting a little past both of those subjects, so I will have to pass - but Misplacing God still sounds wonderful!?

Snow. Like that much snow. I didn't know any parts of this country were still having weather like that - where we are, the heat has moved in and it's nearly summer time.

If I woke up to see that scene - it would be all I could do just to sit there with the windows wide open, have my quiet time and journal about God's wonder and beauty.

When you live someplace that has seen a few inches of snow in my 36 years, no movie could compare with that view!


Thank you!!!


I'd love to win a copy of "Is that all he thinks about." The snow pictures are beautiful, and it really made me think when you said God made each snowflake individually beautiful even though no one would ever really see all those details. It made me wonder how often I rush through things for my family instead of taking the time to carefully think them through and make them special. Have a great week.
Denise in NC


I'd love a copy of "Is That All he Thinks About." I have read it and would love to have a copy to give away.

Beautiful snow pictures, by the way. We don't get that in our neck of the woods!


Please pick me. I would love the book, "All He Thinks About".
Thank you.

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