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Marla Taviano

Praying for sweet Miss Audrey! I have an 8-year-old who sounds like she might be her clone.

Love you, friend! And your man and your girlies too!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

I agree...we forget that they need to relax and be children. Our world puts so much pressure on them to be little adults. Good for you for "going against the grain" and taking care of your sweet girl!

P.S. - I found the answer in "You've Got Mail" - George Bernard Shaw & Mrs. Patrick Campbell.


My ten-year old experiences the same pressures and sometimes it's just too much. Sometimes a day at home is exactly what they need. Sometimes it's all I need too!


Poor sweet one!
I am so glad she's staying home with Daddy today. Really, you don't know how many kids I saw over the years who just needed a day at home. It can make such a difference! There have been a lot of changes for her. How wonderful that she can depend on parents who love her always. Blessed child.
I know your heart will be at home even as you are at school today, & I will be praying for all of you throughout the day. It's good to have some specifics to pray for.


Way to go Mommy...that is Godly discernment. Learning our ABCs and 123s are important but our emotional/spiritual health is just or even more important. Let Audrey know a prayer has been said for her. I know your girls have prayed faithfully for our kids during this year of upheaval. Your family has been a blessing. Hoping to call in the next few weeks to talk about some issues of mental health in marriage.


I have a blog brewing in my head about the pace of our life and specifically the choices we make as parents regarding our kids' time. I have thus far taken a VERY minimalist approach to my kids' activities. I struggle with it, though, because I know how enriched my life was by some of those extras I was able to do.

That said, this blog spoke to me. I have seen in our home the meltdown that results from tired kids, kids who want to do well in everything but get overwhelmed by the pressure of it all. I get it. And I'm praying for your sweet girl and her schoolwork and her performances and her stresses and sorrows. I'm also praying for you and Toben to continue to parent her in God's perfect will. Thanks for sharing so openly!

Dawn W

It's so easy to forget that our kiddos can get stressed out in their "job" of being a student - and just life in general. You're a very wise mommy for recognizing this and for allowing her to take a mental health day today. She'll go to practice tonight refreshed and ready to face school with confidence tomorrow knowing that she's caught up with her work.

My high schooler has a week like hers. Part of the problem for him is that too many teachers forget that they aren't the only teacher assigning work. He has all the regular "stuff" plus all the end of the year craziness AND an AP World History test (for college credit) tomorrow.

I've prayed for your family this morning!


Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Praying for your girl! Praying for all the details of this week for you, friend.

Love you!

PS I have been meaning to tell you. We did Sonlight, when I homeschooled in TX. I loved it (it introduced a lot of wonderful BOOKS! to our oldest two). Check it out.


Sounds like home school might be just what the doctor ordered...!


Praise God for a wise mama who knew just what her girl needed today!


Such a sweet post. Such a good Mommy to notice her needs and and take care of her.

Queen B

That is great! The pressure our kiddos face can be real & overwhelming. Proud of you for giving her a day off!

A few years ago, we made the switch from traditional public school to a University Model School. My daughter attends class at the school campus on Tuesdays & Thursdays and does her work at home on M, W & F. It was the best decision we've ever made as a family. We intended on it being a trial year...would it be a positive for us, etc. I had no idea of the blessing awaiting us! Through that, I've really learned that each family's decision on the education of their kids is just that...each family's decision. What works one year may not work the next.

I am so excited for you & your family to have a year to try new things.

(And what in the world with the teacher not waiting until the end of the school year to switch?)

Kim Feth

I think your computer can see into my house. My son is at the table w/ Daddy right now and there are tears over word problems. Our school has end of year testing going on in the higher grade levels and even his class is tired of having to be so quiet and so still.
It does weigh on the heart to see life eat at these little ones so.
I think I feel a really powerful good night prayer coming on!
Kim Feth


Poor sweet girl!

Sometimes it's all a bit much for little ones.
I hope the mental health day did the trick.

Keeping you guys in my prayers during this tricky time!

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