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Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'll be going in June here in California. Can't wait...


"I noticed a purse in line at Wendy's.."

Ha! Why is there no picture of said purse?! It must be too cute to be so memorable.


i love that beth takes off her shoes. eve was barefoot, too. sometimes i wonder if shoes were a result of the fall. ;-)

Lora @ By the Lamp Light

Your carpet picnic sounds wonderful. Barefoot Beth - how cute! And your hair looks really nice down.

Georgia Jan

Joanne...I thank you in advance for your notes! Being the writer you are, I know they will be great.

I promise to share my notes from Deeper Still in Orlando (September)!

Much Love,
GA Jan


I can already tell it was a beautiful conference. Thank you so much for the tease! Can't wait for your notes.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.
Much love,

Tammy S.

Looks like you had a great weekend! Can't wait to read you notes from the conference.

Have a great week!


I know it had to be a good conference! I think the world would know if the praise team and Beth did it as 'work' - there's no doubt it's an experience for them as well. Can't wait to see them in July. Looking forward to your notes.



Your long hair is beautiful. I am sure it will be up most of the summer in PHX but don't even think of cutting it like Katie Holmes (thought of the post a couple weeks ago). Sounds like a great weekend.

I missed the Beth Moore conference in Houston this past sorry...but my husband was sick. Now a new season in our life maybe next year. The note on doing the work to be a women of the Word is good...convicting. Can't wait to read more.

Lisa @ The PW

I am so in love with these pictures! I have to tell you I have total hair envy..Girl, you need to be in shampoo

Are you going to Houston in January?


Sounds and looks like a wonderful time!!!


I wish I was able to jealous!

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