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Blessings on your new focus and your new year, Joanne.

Teri H

This is so awesome! I love your attitude! You are packing up for an adventure right about the same time we are! My baby graduates high school in 13 days... we are off to Mexico to celebrate, then do our "planning" for moving back to Texas!

I'll be in prayer for ya'll!


My family is also making a major move to an entirely different state due to a job transfer. We are seeing it as an adventure. We have no doubt this is the route God is taking us and look forward to our new "normal" in a new state. May your move and transitions be as smooth as possible!

Take care,


My first thoughts:
jealousy? no.
Envy? no.
Desire? maybe...yes, definitely desire.

I've spent the afternoon processing your post. NOT that it was anything about me at all, lol, but it go me thinkin'.

As I'm coming out of this...whatever it is I've been in...mourning? grief? fear? anger? sorrow? depression? all of the above...I realize I want change.

It would be, I think at this moment, heavenly to pack up my house and move. Or, better yet, to only pack up what I would take/need for a year, and leave the rest and/or get rid of the rest.

Going to ponder this for a bit and get back to you. I am SO excited for this new adventure for you, Jo! Love you. Me


Wow...The Heim Family's EXCELLENT Adventure! What an amazing sounds wonderful. Refreshing. I will admit I'm a bit envious!

I'm all about the manna...God took me through a whole year showing me His provision...and I gathered it daily. He is so good.

I'm really happy for you guys...(not really envious!)


Wow...thanks for being so open with your "stuff" so that we can pray for you specifically...and I DO! So excited for what God has for ya'll!

Dawn W

We've made three major moves in our married life, too. I LOVE the attitude you've adopted. Trust me when I say from experience that having an attitude of anticipation, of intentional decision-making and living is the *ONLY* way to do it. It leaves your lives and hearts open to God's working and allows you to hear His quiet voice.

I am so excited for you and look forward to hearing all the details as you move forward. I'll be praying, too. I know (also from experience!) that even good moves can still produce stress and anxiety.

Blessings, my friend!


Sweetie, you know we began our homeschooling journey 14 years ago when Patrick started kindergarten. This is our last year homeschooling as next school year Sawyer will be attending the residential math & science high school in Hot Springs that Patrick graduated from. We've had 14 years of experience, and several moves in the process, so I can relate to how you're feeling.

You have my phone number. Feel free to call and ask any questions you have. I know several people who have homeschooled longer than I have, and I by no means have the answer to all of the questions, but I may be able to help if you need me. :)

What an adventure God is leading your family on!

Much love,


All the best for your new journey ahead, Joanne. I have not done this before, so I'm not sure what you've got to look out for and what to take note of. But I can definitely tell you that it's very important to stay focused. Know what your priorities are and work accordingly. Be it family, friends, housework...things like that. There will be ups and downs. But don't forget that, in the end, all will be well (:

I love you too!

Marla Taviano

Friend, this post makes me GIDDY. You can't imagine how excited I am for you!!

I mean it. I am LOVING this. Please don't unplug your computer. I want to live this with you guys!!

Prayed for you just now. Fought the urge to pray that God leads you to homeschool. I'm dying for you to be my guinea pig. :)


Kim Feth

Dear Friend,
I've have learned from the journey I'm still walking that only God can work out that level of details. One night my husband and I were praying and I was so anxious and overwhelmed that the only thing I could pray was, "God, be huge." My husband looked at me and asked, "Is there something you want to tell me while we're still on our knees?" I still laugh about that one.
I don't home school now but will home school through the summer because of learning difficulties my kiddo has. Lisa Welchel - remember her from Facts of Life? She has a website. It hasn't had a recent change, but the home schooling links are all still working.
And I vote for unplugging. We've done that for the summer months around here and LOVE it.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


This sounds AWESOME! Can I come with you? What a great year to reflect.


Love your idea to homeschool. After reading your blog for some time, I can tell you would be an awesome homeschooling mom.

Chris Ashley

What a wonderful adventure! I love your take on the whole thing. I homeschooled my daughter for one year before she went to a University Model School. We loved it. A homeschool suggestion ( some would agree and some not) would be to use Saxon Math. Lots of repetition and her standardized scores were excellent with it. At UMS, we used a different curriculum and have the grades to prove it. :( I can't wait to hear about your adventures as they unfold.


Saxon Math is very reccommended. I use Math U See...heard it is better for the younger grades. We like it. Don't get overwhelmed...there is so much curriculum out there. I justed started with reccommendations from friends and if it did not work...I switched.

Spelling Workout
First Language Lessons
Math U See
A Reason for Handwriting
Tapestry of Grace (History unit study...writing, vocabulary, church history, geography...etc.)

Will be praying Kimberly


Don't buy any homeschooling books, Joanne...I have several really good ones you can HAVE! I can mail them to you this week for you to review. I will send an email to you with the titles before I mail it in case you have any of them already!

Holly B.

Praying right now for God to flood each of you with His wisdom and peace in all of these preparations! So excited for you!


Do it! You will never regret homeschooling. I promise. You can hold me to it.
The curriculum you choose and the methods you embrace will not be nearly as important as the TIME you will cherish.
Do it.

mindy webster

Hi Joanne,

First off, I want to express my thanks to you for being there to answer my emails about Christianity..I have succesfully transitioned into it Praise all be to God and wonderful people like you!!!

I have always homeschooled our 4 children!!
Love it! have had moments of burn-out...but made it through! I LOVE Christian Light The kids can get their diploma too!! It is easy to understand and VERY inexpensive AND the reviews are VERY high!!! Look at and type then in to see!!! It is a cirriculum..I also use FIAR (Five in a Row) for fun studies across the cirric with books! VERY FUN and EASY!!!

Good luck !
Mindy Webster in Utah


I was a homeschooler and I am currently a teacher/tutor of homeschool students in the SoCal area. There are programs and curricula that can work really well for you. How about some units on the geography and history of AZ? I don't know how old your girls are (I came over here from your friend's blog post for FFF) but I highly recommend Sonlight Curriculum and IEW writing. My son and dil just moved from Phx last month and her whole family lives there.

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