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Dawn W

I'm so glad that yesterday was a good day for all of you! I love that you are finding the positives despite the changes in plans.

Regarding your question about what I need, first let me say... we have moved so often in our married life that I have truly, truly learned that just all being together makes it all good. No "stuff" required. All of our moves have involved my husband moving ahead of us by weeks, and twice, months (!!!) ahead of us. So, once we were all under one roof, the rest was just icing. Now, from a practical standpoint, my kitchen is what has to be in order. Take it all with you, is my advice. I feel like as long as I'm comfortable in that room and don't have to "make due" in that area, the rest of the house just "works."

Looking forward to seeing your pictures!


I know exactly where Val Vista Lakes is! There is a HUGE lake there with ducks, boating, and lots of great bike paths around the lake, etc. In fact we had a end-of-year Brownie party at the clubhouse/pool there one year. It's a very nice neighborhood.

I agree with Dawn - Make sure you have everything you will need in your kitchen; I think it truly is the heart of a home. We moved from AZ to TN in 2005, and the house we moved into for our first year here was much smaller than our house in AZ so we had to store a lot of stuff that first year. To make the move easier on our kids, we gave them a lot of freedom to choose the things they wanted to bring with them to their new rooms in that first house. Just a suggestion - it may help Audrey and Emma with this move.


The NON-Superwoman

I'm big on having lots of candid family shots on the walls. Memories of good times is always a good thing.


Definitely photos and quilts. Have fun making your house your home!


My books, family photos and bedding (everyone has their own quilt) make a house Home for us. I agree to a point about the kitchen. I try to keep my kitchen as simple as possible so I would only take the few things that would be difficult or expensive to replace - good knives, large Boos cutting board, All-Clad (only 8 pieces), antique cast iron skillet, etc. The rest are basics such as Pyrex pie plates,9x13 pans, measuring cups. I would consider picking that stuff up at Target or Walmart in AZ and then donate it at the end of the year.


family photos. my blankie. fav books. familiar bedding. thats all i need. as long as my hubby is there!

Becky Jo

Val Vista lakes is a great area - we had the family pics for Hattie's adoption taken around the clubhouse areas. There are lots of great churches near the area and a fun waterpark/putt putt golf place off of the Superstition Freeway near there. You are close enough to the zoo (but go early in the AM if ya wanna see any animals!!), Tempe Town Lake, Saguaro Lake, hiking trails and big parks that you should be able to keep the kids busy. And if you wanna cool down, you are not far from Prescott (which is a historic small town with lots of festivals in the square each weekend) or Flagstaff (more of an urban area, but still smallish).

As far as making the house a home, I would let the kids pick a few things that they HAVE to have with them and make sure the kitchen is stocked with their fave foods. Also, maybe take lots of pics before you go with their friends and family and not only frame some for the house and their rooms, but let them make scrapbooks of "home" so they can relive memories and have fun with it.

I am praying that all goes smooth for you all.

Kim Feth

Stuff for the Kitchen. Stuff to make the holidays your own. Pics. And the family God gave you. I think that's pretty much covers it. Oh, and some clothes.
Glad its working out.
Can I ask for a prayer request? After visiting my dying mom this weekend, had a tough Monday (also no quiet time). Had a great QT on Tuesday and given a sense of peace about my mom and God gave me a verse. On Wednesday, I prayed for God to give my hubby and I the desire to walk radically in His obedience and discipleship, no matter what. I didn't tell anyone what I prayed - why would I? My husband lost his job today. Hmm ... what's God up to? Probably answering that prayer for radical obedience to His plan and will and discipleship.
Prayers are welcome!
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Bobbie Jo

I haven't read through the other replies but I would take my pictures to hang up. When we were in P'cola we were only to be there 6 weeks-which turned into 6 months. I hung up pictures of the kids-to me that is home. Plus I would take all my kitchen stuff(if I could) you never know what you will need and I hate to buy stuff if I already have it.


The quilts I made, My DH, a few certain books,juicer and my kitchen aid mixer. That is off the top of my head, oh and a computer to stay in touch with family overseas.


Family photo(s), photos with friends, books, computer, crafting items, and...a TV perhaps.

But what makes a house a I think you know the answer but I shall say it anyway. God and Family. Because when you have them, along come love, happiness, laughter and good health. And there you have it. A home (:

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Glad things are going well.

I've been giving a lot of thought to your question, and don't really have an answer. We lived in an apt. once for a year while we were building our home. I never took time to hang pictures or decorate. We mostly lived around boxes and ate off paper plates (we were building ourselves, so we were hardly there). It never felt like home because we knew it was temporary. At that time, I thought I needed to have the "stuff" to make it feel like home.

Now...after my pursuit of peace & simplicity (and getting rid of the clutter), I realized that I only need my family to make it feel like a home. Still, having some family treasures (quilts, Bibles, photos) are important, too.

So, no easy answer here.


I know it will feel like home once you are moved in (and have the air conditioner turned on!).

I can't wait to see pics - hope you post them.

I know what it is like to live in a HOT place - and sorry, but I still don't like it (and I don't have a pool either). But it sounds like your neighborhood is great and at least ya'll can spend alot of time at the pool!


Hey girl...
I'd go with the "less is more" for a temporary move. A good table in the common area for homework, crafts, meals, etc. Comfy beds...maybe bean bag chairs for the girls? Your favorite bible/journal/pen and you are good to go! And hey, it's don't even need that many clothes...swimsuits will be standard fare! ;) And an adventuresome spirit to see something new each week while you are there...time always flies and this next year will too! So many prayers blanketing you in this journey...Love, Heidi
PS Oh, and be sure to have a firm date of having family come visit (holidays?)...somehow having that to look forward to really helps on the harder, lonely days. :)

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