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fabulous!!! nice donation, and nice fresh look! i love hair - it always grows back :) you girls rock.


WOW!!! Of course, I think you'd probably still be absolutely gorgeous even if you'd shaved your head!
You all look lovely!

Angie Platten

Oh my gosh, too cute! You look gorgeous as do the girls! Love the new do's!

Krista K

You all look so beautiful!! What a loving thing to do. You are starting off your new venture in AZ in style!

Dedra Herod

Absolutely gorgeous! Each one of you looks so different and AMAZING! Well done on the donation and starting off your adventure in AZ just right! :-)

Kim Feth

Awesome and an ideal gift!
Kim Feth


You guys are AMAZING! Way to go and you each look stunning!


Wow, Audrey looks so grown up with her new hair! All three of you look fabulous. I tried to grow mine during my last pregnancy to donate, but was still a couple of inches short when I just couldn't take it anymore. :)


You all look FABULOUS!!! Love it!!



Love the new 'do!

What a great cause!

Janna Widdifield

You all look fab in your new short dos.


Joanne, you look exactly like your sister in the "after" picture! And so does Audrey!


You all look amazing!
My daughter donated her hair 2 years ago and is ready to do it again. Hope her cut is as cute. :0)

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Love your new 'dos!


You are all darling!!! What a blessing to have so much hair! : )


How cool! All three of you look beautiful in your new styles!


Love the new haircuts!!! You guys all look great!!!


You all look so great!! That was a beautiful gesture. The girls look adorable and the short hair will be so much cooler and easy to care for this summer. The new bangs set off your features amazingly. You all look gorgeous. Enjoy!!

Dawn W

Wow! You all look fabulous! What did hubby/dad think of the transformation? You're gonna love the cuts with the summer heat.


Georgia Jan

Beautiful - absolutely beautiful. Your girls will never forget this day and I am so blessed by their unselfish hearts.

You all look great with short hair, and just think how God will use this gift to encourage someone in need.

Blessings to you,


Too cute!!! I absolutely love it! :)


Wow! You all really look beautiful, LOVE the short haircuts! I have read your blog ever since you spoke at Cherry Hills Mops. I have suggested your blog to many friends and always look forward to reading your posts. Hair is a funny thing, it's one thing that we can control (most of the time) and also such an identifying trait for people (especially women). It's so funny when you think that it's really just hair, though often it is more than that. I think your locks of love donation is wonderful. Way to go! My perspective of hair really changed when my 20 year old sister made the decision to have a bone marrrow transplant in hopes of extending her life. You can read a little about her life at if you're interested. She would think your haircuts are great! Thanks for sharing. Love to you and your girls!

Holly B.

Love it--what a neat thing to do as a family! All 3 of you are too cute!


What sweet sweet pictures to treasure! All 3 of you look beautiful - and what a great thing to get to do - all together!


Too Cute! Love the new styles! I am contemplating a short cut for summer... but by the time I get the nerve summer will be over! :) Maybe this is motivation- you all look so great with short hair!


So cute! I love your older daughters's a bit spunky! I did Locks of Love...twice. My hair grows like a maniac!

Erin W

What a precious gift! You all look fabulous before and after!! Love it!


Adorable cuts for all 3 of you! My 2 girls have each donated their hair to LOL and I'm thinking that my hair is long enough for the chop soon too with summer around the corner. :)

As a fun aside, there's a LOL fun patch that I bought for each of my girls to proudly wear on the back of their Girl Scout vests too.


What a beautiful thing you did... and your new short haircuts look so cute on all of you!


Such a transformation! You all look beautiful and what a fun memory to make together.


No Fair! You could put a paper sack on your head and still look gorgeous! :) Lovely, you all look VERY hip.

xoxox Janine

Cindy Beall

Wow! I respect your sacrifice and work.

Y'all look fab...and it'll probably feel better in that heat in PHX.

I hear it's a dry heat. Does that help?

Marla Taviano

OH MY WORD! I go away for a couple days, and look what you've done!

I LOVE IT! All three of you are STUNNING!! Love, love, love it!

Audrey reminds me sooo much of Livi.

How much floor space do you have in Phoenix? ;)

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