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Tammy S.

How exciting! We use Solight as part of our homeschool, and love it also!! I hope you and your girls enjoy homeschooling as much as we do. I'm sure it will be a great year for you!

Kimberly Smith

You will love it...although there are days when I am sure the yellow school bus might not notice an extra few kids...I have not used Sonlight but my first homeschooling friend did and she loved it. I am sure your home schooling dynamic will be different with already reading older girls...have 2nd grader and two preschoolers. Just saw the cornbread secret...I have have one too. Grate one yellow squash per box of cornbread adds some vitamins and help keep it moist. A tip from a good southern friend. Happy packing...this is the first time in years we have not stayed some where longer than 4 I had the urge to purge last month and had a garage sale. Kimberly


WooHoo so excited for you!!!!!!!!!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

I am so very excited for you, friend! Whatever you do...whatever it is, you do it well and with joy!

If I could grow up again, I'd want a Mom just like you.

Garage sale calleth...


I said never to all of those things too (especially homeschooling) and so far I have done them all myself. This is going into my 5th year, and nothing beats spending so much time with my boys!!

You'll do great!!


That is wonderful. We have decided to homeschool this year after a year in public and we are so excited too. I hear that Sonlight is a great program and we may end up using their Science. You will have so much fun and enjoy all the time spent with your girls!


ha!!! good try!

Congrats on the homeschooling. I also said no way but now I couldn't go back. :)


Your girls have already won the lottery. :)


Hey, be sure to talk to Sandy about Sonlight... she's a great resource, and she's been using it for years. I'm more of a mentee than a mentor in this area... we started homeschooling in January, and my oldest is only 4. :)

Tina Smith

LOL about the lottery:) I have used Sonlight in the past and I am going to use it for history next year. I think it fits you perfectly:)


There's a great article over at The Pioneer Woman under her "homeschooling" header. It's written by a guest, Mrs. G? I think? Either way...she gives lots of good thoughts and seems she uses the unschooling method in some aspects.

I am envious that you are going to homeschool...that is SO AWESOME. I was going to a few years back...I'd gone to the meetings and co-ops, I'd gathered curriculum at yard sales and from other generous homeschool moms...and then it fell through at the last minute so off to public school the boys went. I really wish we'd done it...I wish YOU the best. Such an adventure you all are on!


How exciting - all the changes. I have thought about homeschooling, but never have. You have made me excited about it! It sounds like you will do just great - and the girls too!


YAY!!! Praise God! Homeschool is going to be such a huge blessin for yall :-D


If I believed in luck I would say "good luck"!!! You & your girls are going to have a fantabulous year. It is so exciting...I think I see your next book in the future......


You are going to have so much fun! I began homeschooling at 15, and graduated to nursing school a couple years later. It was the best thing my mom ever did for me.

You will have a lot of great memories!


Lots of exciting stuff! We are planning on homeschooling next year too (and are very excited!) We are planning on using Heart of Dakota, it is literature based like Sonlight but seems to fit our needs better. We are HOPING to move, but that will have to be a God thing, so ready to get back to the midwest and be closer to our family. We are wishing for Springfield, MO area.

I hope everything goes well with your packing and moving!

Oh, a bit of a funny, when my mom was visiting, hubby and I went on a date for my birthday. We stopped at a bookstore and I was browsing through. I came across Toben & Ryan Dobson's book and I was so excited...I was like I know him! LOL

Chuck Friedenstein(Dad)

You forgot, "I'm never going to have children!"

Love Papa

Luke Holzmann

Very excited for your upcoming year!

And, yes, it is very ironic the many things we end up doing--and loving--that we once though we abhorred [smile].



I will never home school either! At least not until August when I start.

I would love to read your story of why you made the switch!

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