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Wanna trade? I would so appreciate sitting with your girls! I took our kids to my childhood church this morning. But with 2 year old twins and a 3 year old I felt like I had completed a marathon!

We are trying to get them to learn to quietly sit still through service. They are generally pretty quiet, but the sitting still thing is making me crazy (and out of breath). Thanks for reminding me why I am doing it now!

The Cottage Comtesse @ River Rock Cottage

Carrie, don't give up! They'll never learn if you aren't there. Learning to sit at church will also help them learn to sit other places as well. It teaches patience and self-control (fruits of the Spirit!). I remember when my girls were young, I often had moments where I thought 'what's the point? I can't even concentrate!'. But that time will pass quickly and you will be rewarded with children who can sit as 7 and 8 year olds.

Thanks, Joanne, for an encouraging post. I just found a book that you may be interested in called "Growing Up Christian" by Karl Graustein. I picked it up at the Women Discipling Women conference and gave it to my 16 year old. She didn't seem too excited at first. Later that evening she came running in and said, "Mom, that book is exactly what I've been looking for!". Did my heart good!


Twice in one day with the hard candy advice! My husband and I are working on getting my 4 year old boy to sit still during the worship service. I never thought about the hard candy. My parents never did that...thing were really tight and candy was never on the shopping list. I am going to get some live savers this week. Although one of by boys always chews up hard candy...kind of defeats the purpose.


how I wish...
it hurts me to say it but ... we have the most awful church community here in our little town :(

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