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I think your coffee bar looks more appealing than Starbucks! :) Don't know if it's the green mugs w/ basil or the vintage jar-NEAT!


Great idea! You'll have to share the proportions of ingredients for your homemade iced coffee - I haven't gotten that tweaked just yet! :)


I am a at home girl too for coffee. Somedays I do drip coffee...Other days I use a french press...still other days (when I have more time) I make an espresso/latte (I got a espresso maker for Christmas a coulple of years ago). Making coffee all three ways takes some how the coffee is ground (regular for the drip, coarse for the french press, or fine for espresso. I have liked 8 O'Clock Coffee French Roast (cheaper too). After making good strong coffee at home I am sometimes disappointed in Starbucks.


I love the coffee bar idea...Do you have a "recipe" for the iced coffees?


I make my own coffee also, every morning. I'm not much for iced coffee though - I don't know why!
I have tried lots of kinds and have found my FAVORITE. It's 8 o'clock Coffee. (Original) It's rich and strong and I love it!
Also, even if I had the money to buy out, I don't like Starbucks at all, and I think the best "take out" coffee has to be McDonalds - alot cheaper!


Good idea mixing the gourmet coffee with the regular coffee! Now, why didn't *I* think of that!?


Adding a few shakes of cinnamon on the grounds before brewing makes even ordinary coffee taste gourmet (and more expensive...)


youd get along just right with my husband ! he drinks more than 1liter of coffee per day, which has me worried for his health !!
whereas I'm a latte girl : one teaspoon of powder coffee in a mug of half-half and i'm happy ;)

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