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It looks so nice! I can't believe how settled you are after only a few days. Your new furniture is really nice...I especially love the red dresser!


You are completely fabulous...What an adventure!

And the family pictures? I can't even begin. Your head shot is amazing!

Love you!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Looks all comfy cozy. Love it.


The pictures are amazing...I don't even *really* know you & I started tearing up! Your sister has a gift. And you & Toben have a beautiful family.

Love the girls' beds! =)

Dawn W

Everything looks *so* nice! I am amazed at how quickly you've unpaced.

Isn't Ikea terrific? We have one here, too, and I could spend a gazillion dollars there. If only I had a gazillion dollars... LOL

Blessings! Can't wait to see more!

Dawn W

(Oops...) PS -

Loved your new photos, especially your new head shot!

Marla Taviano

I'm in love. Can't wait to see it all (and YOU!) in person.


Wow! It looks awesome already! You are well on your way to making it a home. I can't wait until they build the ikea in Colorado- may be awhile though!

BTW I saw your parents at the cul de sac Memorial day party awhile back- but I chickened out of going up to them and saying, "Hi, I read your daughters blog so I feel like I know you!" Felt too creepy! LOL!


The chalkboard is a great idea! Are you writing directly on the fridge with the dry erase markers?

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


What's the clippy thingy - it looks like a shelf/rack out of an oven, but the metal rods look thinner. Whatever it is - I love it!!

Looks like you're settling in nicely.


Everything looks GREAT!

Hey, just keep checking to see if that dry erase marker comes off. I left my chore grid on the fridge for 3 weeks and had to SCRUB to get it off--the fresh marker wipes right off, but the longer it stays the harder it is to remove. That's been my experience this summer anyway.

Can't believe how hot it is there. Wow!

Kids and I drove to Castle Rock today to meet a college friend. Made me sad I didn't get to see you before you moved. ;(

lisa writes...

Only been to IKEA once...LOVE it! And the meatballs? To die for!


Love the pics of the house! Looks great. Oh, and I will have to try the laundry detergent. I live in Louisiana where it is so hot and humid. I don't think anything would dry on a clothes line. There isn't a breeze to be found this time of year!


I want to live there !!!!
and the photo shooting (by your sister) is incredible ! love love it ! (but you're all such good models !)

Garry Easton

That's a lovely home. Modern design, but with an old school flair thanks to your furniture. The red dresser is such a beauty. It seems fun living there, don't you agree? Congratulations on your new house!

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