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Eleven television-free years here and no regrets! I'm so proud of you all!


First, the picture is adorable. I did not know you had a beagle! Looks like my Abby-girl lying there.

I would like to think that I could live without the television, but I just don't know. I'm really the only tv addict in our house. My husband never watches tv and my son rarely watches. They do both like to watch dvd's though and we'd have to have a tv for that. My goal right now is to only watch what I have put on my dvr list and to not just mindlessly surf the channels. If I could get that far I'd be happy.


That is great...after the kids and I spent a whole day watching TV (QUBO) yesterday. My kids (7,5,3) were up really late for two nights. So mommy made an exception. We only have a TV with rabbit ears and a converter box. Have you cut out the DVD player too? TV is such a time waster and mostly a drainer too. No TV will be great for homeschooling.


That's so great! We have been without TV since January and its the best thing for our family!! The furniture rearrangement was the best!! The games we have played and the conversations we have has have been wonderful! We don't even miss it anymore!!


Sounds good as I'm sitting here listening to Oprah on my bedroom tv, Cartoon Network out on the family room tv, my sons iPod blasting Red Hot Chili Peppers and the clicking of his Wii controller ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Unplugged? I think my family would keel over!


I love it. I would do the same if my family wouldn't run for the hills!

Adorable picture.

I can only imagine the serenity from here!

Lisa R-p

I am kind of jealous. We have done TV free weeks at our house, but never a time period longer than a week. It would be hard for my kids at first, Chris would probably go into shock and I would miss Law and Order re-runs for a few days.

I am so glad to read that you are all settled and doing well in your new home. I am even more excited to read about your year of adventures in homeschooling.

I miss commenting and emailing with you more often friend. Take care.


Nice picture! Is it by any chance according to this order --> Audrey--Emma--You ?

Kim Feth

We're getting ready to go 'cable free' due to financial reasons. And that change is bringing angst to my crowd. I have to admit, to me also. But one of our friends was telling us that pretty much anything you can watch on TV you can see online w/i a day or so. But I think having to go online and find it will mean that I (prayerfully we) will watch less because it won't be as easy as clicking buttons on the remote. I'm excited and hope we gain more family time out of this.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


We are having tv free summer and it has been so great. Hubby and I have been reading a ton and the mornings go so much better with the kids not watching tv first thing. After the first couple of weeks the 2 1/2 year old girl threw a major fit- but other than that it has been really good. We will see how we can adapt this for fall!


Joanne, we haven't had tv in a little over 2 years and I'm sure it has been great for us. We still check out tons of DVDs from the library. So, we're not deprived or anything, but mostly the TV stays off and it is blissful not to hear random tv noise. I'm sure you will enjoy your TV free year!


My family and I are also in ministry, but in Europe! We've also decided to do away with the TV for a while...and I'm really glad that we're making the decision. Plus, it will also mean not paying for a tv tax, which is required in the country where we live.


I didn't know you had a dog! Please tell us more! We got rid of our TV when we moved (almost 5 years ago now) and started homeschooling the same year too.

brian b.

nothing like relaxing and curl up with a good book!

Jennifer Henderson

My family (1 husband, 2 kids aged 1 & 3 just went TV-less last week. On my own blog I call it "Going all Little House on the Prairie" but its been awesome thing for us. We're only a week in to it but I'm loving it.

Just found your blog and love your ABC's for simple living.

I post every Monday a guideline for praying for your kids. If you come on a day other than a Monday you'll find it on the right hand side of the blog. I hope you'll check it out.

Best to you,

Liz Stetler

I was raised without television, and its a choice my husband I have made for our family as well! No regrets here either!


Oh, I LOVE that picture!! When our girls were little (they're "all grown up" now!), we came home with PILES of library books and they'd sit on the floor in the family room and spend at least an hour just looking through the new books. I just wish I had a picture!

Do you scrapbook, Joanne? That would be a GREAT picture to scrapbook!! :-)

Susan from Chicago

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