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Ummm, did you write this post for me? lol

Seriously, I am battling "the hold on" every minute of everyday.

Long story, but I struggle knowing what to do about a situation whenever I don't feel God bursting through the clouds to rescue me.

When a decision needs to be made soon and I am clueless of what God wants, that is what is hard.

Thank you for sharing your scripture, I am going to study it this week for myself.

I hope you are getting settled in. I am excited to read how God works through your family this year for His kingdom.



I have followed you blog for quite a while now but never commented. Thank you so much for all of your postings... they are all so helpful in so many ways. THANKS!


The researcher in me *loves* finding something like this site. The person who has been a Christian since she was 4 years old & has grown up in the church needs it. Thank you. ;)

Kimberly S.

We are home from church is am...fevers and stomach flu. Thanks for your post...

On another the new are beautiful. Is this a picture from your sister's photo shoot?


Wow. I LOVE this post and will be sending my readers here. Thank you!

Kathy Butryn

Love this...thank you, it was very comforting.

Peter Stone

Wonderful post, especially the elaboration of the meanings of the two Hebrew words. I've been teaching my daughter how to wait on the Lord, and we always meditate on that very verse while doing so.


Came over from Shane's blog, and am so glad I did.
Think I need to spend some time sinking. Thanks!


This is quite powerful! The part that spoke to me loudly was "letting go and giving up aren't the same thing...God will hold you up". Thank you for this post and thanks to Shane for linking it up.

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