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Farm Fresh Jessica

Hmmm... that sounds good.

Maybe you should use post-its. I read w/ post-its and a pen in hand...I hate to mar a book. Crazy I know :-)


A book a day? That's amazing! You said: "Trust defines obedience." That's good. That's one to write down.

Hope you have a great week!


I LOVE writing in my books...I write in ALL of my margins. You know what else goes great with pens and books? Sticky notes! I have a slight problem with a teeny bit of a sticky note fetish...but that's OK.

On a totally different note...I was watching today. The speaker, Benny Perez, (he has a blog) is a pastor from Las Vegas. He said he asked God one day, "why did you send me to the desert?". And God told him.."I send all the crazy people to the desert!" Crazy for GOD, that is. So really...being sent to the a GOOD thing...and it shows that God has ultimate confidence in you and your husband to be obedient and to do His will. I told this to my husband earlier and he said, "Oh're just crazy enough that WE might get sent to the desert, too." Amen to that!!

Melissa@ Breath of Life

I was so interested in this book, I immediately tabbed over to my library's site to make sure they have it. And they do! I'm adding it to my list.


thank you for the "trust defines obedience" nugget of truth. i'm working on obedience with my two year old little boy and four year old girl (she gets it so much easier and quicker than he EVER will, I think). so it is nice to consider these lessons in context of trust. thank you!


We have been doing the Half Priced Books Summer Reading club...can get a $3 coupon once a week. My two year old picked out a bunch of Winnie the Pooh books (original) on the clearance rack on Monday. We already have the huge anthology of all the books but these are individual books perfect size for her hands and her purse (we have been running earrands with all the books in her big purse)...sorry to babble...Anyway there are some great quotes in Winnie the Pooh. She is in bed so can't quote any now. Thanks for sharing. Friday is our library day. The guy who checks us out knows us so well he (Cliff) suggests moives and books! I love it.

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