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We love playing that game! My husband had heard about it, bought it, and it was a hit with all of us, including our 20 y/o son and 18 y/o daughter. =) It's nice because you aren't really competing against the other players, you're just trying to do the best things for yourself.

I know I don't comment very often, but I love reading about your lives every day, and have been so inspired by so many things you've written! Thank you!!

Lisa in ME

I had to come out of lurkdom to tell you how much we love Settlers here!!! ;-) My oldest son has been playing since he was about 10 & we just started letting our 8 year old son play too. They love it. We use some of the add-ons (Seafarers which adds in more water spaces & boats plus Knights & Cities which gets pretty complicated but way more fun IMHO). We've even had "Settlers Parties" & to top that - my hubby & his co-workers play the game every Friday during lunch. The one with the most points after an hour wins. LOL


I loooove that game. I've only just learned to play it a couple weeks ago. I have been wanting to play ever since! I am adding it to my Christmas wish list. I think my husband would actually like it too!

Holly B.

Fun game! We really like a similar game called Puerto Rico, too.


I have heard about this game from another blogger friend, but don't actually know anyone who plays it (unless they do but don't talk about it!). I have never even seen it in the stores. But, I wouldn't really be looking there, because my hubby of 18 yrs. won't play board games either! I may have to try this one!


I know I commented about this on FB, but am popping in again to share the Settlers love. And to say that we must have the "old school" game because our box and water pieces look different! When I was pregnant with Emma, a friend was living with us. He worked at the church with us, and I'm surprised I didn't get fired because we'd squeeze in a game of Settlers every morning before heading to work (it made me late!). Man, I love that game!

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