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LOVE it, Joanne! and man does Emma have good taste to design that thing herself!


I love it!! Emma clearly got her momma's artistic abilities.


Oh my I LOVED that book as a child, but had long ago forgotten the name. Thanks so much for bringing it back! (Now, if you remember a book about a girl who finds a bracelet and it brings her back in time with these seven sisters who turn into birds, you will have made my year!)

Heather C

It's beautiful... and each time she uses it, she'll not only have the beautiful bag to think of, but the memories of designing and making it with Mom. I love it!

And yes... I LOVE the library! Not just for the books, but also for the QUIET! :)


How cute! I can't sew at all. I don't have a sewing machine either. Maybe one day!

Jennifer White

I am inspired by your creativity!


Emma, miss you so much can't wait to see you even though we're having so much fun here. Sweet tote. Love you, Audrey.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

I never read that book...will have to check it out. And I, too, read the bracelet book...what WAS the name of it?

I know it's a sin to covet, but I am coveting that bag of Emma's. How adorable!


You two did a great job on the bag! SO cute! And the Barbie comment? I'm still laughing!


Great bag! I bet it'll get worn out quickly.

When I was in college a group of us honors students were scheming to conveniently get "stuck" in the library overnight. We were going to stuff pillows, blankets, and snacks in our giant backpacks and somehow make sure one of the study rooms was left unlocked. Needless to say, we chickened out. But I've always wished we'd followed through. It would have been totally worth any punishment we'd surely have received. Maybe someday!


what a great library tote... so cute!

Amy Coughenour

I LOVE the bag! Any chance you can make more to sell?


Oh my goodness! I loved that book and movie and I to always thought I would love to be locked all night by myself in the library. I love my library and visit at least twice a week. I always leave feeling embarrassed by the amount of things I am leaving with!

Loved Emma's bag, very chic!

Elizabeth Mardesen

We were at the library this morning with my plain black canvas tote. So not as fun and cute as Emma's! I agree you need to sell those! BTW I picked up the Potato Pie Society today. Can't wait to get started. Have you read "The Help?" I loved that one.


Love the bag...and Traders Joes...have not lived by one for 10 years and I still miss it. When I lived in the Virgin Islands...I took an extra suit case to Portland OR to fill it with Trader's Joes Stuff.

Kim Feth

How much to buy a library tote?
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


LOVE it! Now, common, you have some time to make us all a tote for order, right?!


Wow! How do you do it, Joanne? I love how you just "wing" these things and they come out with everyone wanting one. That bag is so cute!!! (But not as cute as that model - she is dar-ling.)


Cute bag! Love the colors and the design! Way cute model as well. My daughter is grown and married and she and her husband still go to the library for books, records and videos. It's an amazing resource.

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