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Kimberly S.

Reading out loud is definitely one of the sweetest times of homeschooling. We did not have any history reading for today and my 7 year old son was sad. I look forward to reading to the little two when they actually sit and listen instead of moving and listening! Reading to them is a bit of a contact sport right now.


i haven't been to your blog in forever...just catching up (and loving every minute of it). at what age did you start reading aloud to your girls the books that have no pictures?? my oldest is only 3 but i am dying to start Chronicles of Narnia or Little House or something...just don't think she'd listen so well with no pictures...what do you think?

also, the previous post about audrey made me tear up...loved it. it blows my mind to think my girls will be 11 someday (or 6 or 14 or 30!!).

Laura of Harvest Lane

It sounds like you're reading through the Sonlight program 3. I love Sonlight.


We loved, loved,loved these books. I ended up buying most of the Kenneth Thomasma books for my girl. Her favorite- of all time- is Naya Nuki. She is in 7th grade now, so I don't read to her as much as I did in her younger years, but I treasure each moment we spend cuddle up reading together!

missi smith

How nice to read to your children. I read a lot to my son, mostly non-fiction.

On a side note, I had recommended the book, The Help, to you. It's been enjoyable but unfortunately the author felt the need to include JC and GD as her favorite cuss words. Maybe she thinks they're southern curse words used during that time frame. Regardless, I probably should have stopped reading at the first mention. I always hope it will be a one time thing.

Have a great day and happy reading-Missi

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