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Congrats on having a great first day! Looking back through the pictures of their first days it was amazing to see how much they've grown. They are both just beautiful girls.

Hope you have a great year.
My daughter starts kindergarten this year and I'm not which one of us is more excited!!



We started today as well, and I bet, if you are liked me, you are pooped this evening! But, we also had so much fun and will be raring to go again in the morning! :)

Bethany Peters

Oh my goodness. Your pictures made me want to home school myself and I've been out of high school for 9 years! Your lesson plan binder gave me giddy feelings inside. How on earth do you even begin getting curriculum or even deciding what company to go with? Or what companies even exist in the first place?

I bought some bronze super squishy, comfy flip flops from Old Navy last year and I'm wondering if they're the same ones you are wearing. I wear them EVERY SINGLE DAY! They are so comfortable!


That is great! Now I can tell my 7 year old he is not the first one to start school (We start next Monday). We are beating the local schools by about two weeks.

Marla Taviano

This post thrills my soul!! Way to go, Audrey and Emma! (and mom!!)


First day of homeschool with a positive review! Way to go girls!!! Praise God for answered prayers!


Oooh! Congratulations on your first day of home school. You have a lovely little class!

You will have such a wonderful time teaching your girls. I'm nearly a teacher! (Only a couple more months before I graduate from university) Teaching makes me so happy.

Can't wait to see how you girls come along!


Luke Holzmann

Keep up the great work! And, yes, that is fantastic that math took away grumpiness [smile].


(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

WOW you are one ORGANIZED MAMA! ~Our homeschool is not at all run quite so neatly~I would love your talents!~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi


Looks like a great first day... congratulations! And I have the same bronze flip flops too!


Wow! That's very encouraging! I am starting to homeschool this fall for the first time and I am scared silly! I hope I can find ways to make it enjoyable for me kids.

Why are you starting at the beginning of August? I live near Chicago and school doesn't start here until the end of the month, so I was planning to start then, too. Just curious...


So exciting! Love the pics.

How great that your girls are excited and want to work! I have one that I can't imagine ever teaching (or his being excited about working) and one that I think would love it. The third - he's a little young to tell.

Since my older two will be in school soon - I can live my "only if" homeschooling wishes out through you.

Looks like the 3 of you will have a great year!!

diana weber

You're doing it!!! He is giving you what you will have such a wonderful year of memories and 'firsts'...I admire your tenacity. I'll be praying for you and your girls:) love, diana

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