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Beth Whitney

love the list! :)

So glad you are "blooming where you are planted"!

Our kids do Juice+ gummies-they seem to really help!


I am very interested in "reveal"! I am part of the women's ministry at church and I think that something like this could be extremely valuable!! Could you give me some more info?? Where can I get this??


That Esther study is awesome! Did it last spring! You won't believe how much you will learn.

Congrats on the iPhone. I have the iTouch... LOVE it. Don't think I could even handle the temptation to check my e-mail every second of every day if I had the iPhone. Too fun! =]

Marla Taviano

Thanks for the newsy post! Love that you caved on the iPhone. If I ever get a gigundo book advance, I'll get one too. :)

So happy your mom's coming! So excited for Audrey!

Oooh, I want to do Esther!!

Off to check out your post on the marriage blog. Give my love to Toby ;) and the girls!

Love you!


I'm glad you like your iPhone! I looove mine. It has changed my life! Another cool free app is the Mars Hill Church app (Mark Driskoll's church) if you like to listen to his stuff.

Oh, and Quicken has a free app too. I just discovered it. Also good.

How do you make ringtones? Thats one thing I haven't figured out!


Hey! I saw your twitter on the Shred...and I have no idea how to twit back so Im leaving a comment...

This is my review of the Shred... might answer your question a little... right around day 13...



Grocery IQ is the best! I use that too and my list is always up to date. Whenever I run out of something it goes right in my phone, because of course my phone is always nearby! Hooray for your new iPhone!!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

I'm so envious that Audrey gets to go to NYC. I love it!

I still have the Shred in its plastic wrap. Just haven't gotten bold enough yet.


Wow! You mom ROCKS!

And... oops! Was that the sound of my phone crashing to the floor and breaking into a million pieces? (I'm looking for an excuse to get an iPhone and you make it sounds sooo tempting...)


Funny how a new phone can be so exciting. I know, I feel the same way. My husband always gets a new phone before I do - and he's got the new touch screen one, with the key pad for texting. Making me want a new one so much, but am not due until March!! We have Verizon, so I don't think we can get an Iphone, but lots of my friends have them, and they do look cool.
Yes, it does sound like you have an amazing mom. You are very blessed.

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