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Lisa notes...

Lisa Burgess
Huntsville, AL
Lisa Notes… (

I *think* I actually read this book awhile back and I remember it being helpful then. But I’m in a different stage of life now, so I’d like to be able to learn from others, and contribute back some of the things that have worked and NOT worked for me over the years.

Chasity Ivy

Hi, Joanne,
I would like to joing the group. I have been mulling over whether I want to start the group or not, because I fear I will not stick it out to the end. But I am convinced that this is just what I need right now.

Helen at A Work of Heart

Helen Washington
Portland, Oregon
A Work of Heart (I can't remember how to link it but it will link from the bottom of my comments)

I have always had this part of my heart that longed to be mentored when I was in my mid-20's and a new mom but it just didn't happen and I didn't know how to make it happen. Now we are in a church that has a huge age diversity which I love and deeply wanted for our family...and God has brought older couples that seem to be taking me and my husband under their wings and we love this...but I also feel a tug to be an encourager of younger's time...I hope this will fuel the desire and give it wings.

Thanks so much Joanne!


Vacaville, CA
Give a Girl a Fig

I was mentored several years ago...and have since mentored twice. It's a great experience on both ends. Lately I've felt God tugging at me to guide and encourage women to become the women GOD created them to be, not who the women at church think they ought to be or who they're husbands think they ought to be, etc. God created each of us for a's up to us to follow His will so that we can find out what that purpose is. I'm looking forward to this!


Lead me on...

I have never had a mentor (always wanted one but didn't quite know how to approach someone to be one for me)and I know this is something I want to do, be a mentor for others. So hopefully through this study I will learn how to find a mentor and then in turn be able to do the same for someone else. **Not sure this makes sense, I'm writing it late at night. So sorry if it sounds confusing:)** Can't wait to get the book and start the study!!



20..ish (I turn 20 on the 20th-YAY for the first post being on my birthday!!!!)


My church has had problems with mentoring. The older ladies lived in a generation where mentoring wasn't a priority. Unfortunatly they have rejected us "youngins" and we have been left to fend for ourselves. I am THRILLED to have the opportunity to study with women who are all passionate about our Father :) and still willing to share knowledge and experiences that I can learn from.


Tammy Snyder
East Greenville, PA
No Blog (although have thought about it)

I am thrilled to be a part of a study about mentoring. It has been something on my heart for many years. I would like to be the mentor to someone and hopefully make a change in our church family for others to do as well. It's scriptural, what more can I say!


Wichita, KS
44 years old
I would like to have a mentor and be a mentor to someone else that is struggling with life and small children and everything I felt I struggled through in my 20's and 30's.

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Monument, CO
38 yrs young (though, I have a sure word that I should stay unplugged for awhile, a long while, so I will be reading your blogs and commenting here. Surely, I'll add you button!)
I want to know what it's all about. I didn't grow up with a mentor and really don't think I make a very good one right now. I'd like to someday, though!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Hmmm... I left a comment--did it get lost?

Monument, CO
38 yrs. young (I will read everyone's on their blog and leave comments here. I will not be on my blog for a long while, I don't think. I will add the button, though!
I have never had a mentor and didn't grow up seeing it modeled. I'd like one and I'd like to be one, though right now I don;t think I'm ready to be one. I want to leanr and grow in the faith.


wow... what a fantastic group.

Cumbria England (west coast, just south of scotland)
35 I think, I haven't used it in a while, I got beaten down and gave it up. trying to build the courage to restart.
I've very much needing to focus my energies on God, but I've procrastinated and struggled. I moved to UK after marriage 10 years ago, but was born and raised in MD. I feel part british though, life here has both broken and settled me, some for the best, some not. I've been thinking about this since you brought it up and am scared that I wont follow thorough, but I want to join pls. I've not had mentors and very much want to be a good role model for my daughter. Why is this so scary?


Monrovia, California

I was really excited when Joanne offered to organize a group read of this book (thanks Joanne!). I'm single and don't have children of my own but have always believed I have a responsibility to spiritually pour into the next generation. I look forward to being married someday and hopefully having children of my own. In the meantime, the Lord has blessed me with two women that I have mentor-like relationshps with and I would really like to know how I can serve them better. But I also have a deep desire/need for a mentor for myself and can't quite figure out how to "make it happen." Something tells me the Lord is going to share some great things with me through all of you ladies!

Looking forward to reading with all of you and getting to know you better!

Palm Coast, FL

I have had "informal" mentors over the years in the form of Bible study group leaders, prayer partners, etc., but I have never made a concerted effort to get into a true mentorship-type relationship. And I have always wished that I had. Also, I would love to be a better example to my two daughters. Maybe I will find some help in that department, as well.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Courtland, Virginia

I'm interested in reading this book because I'm teaching Sr. High Girls in Sunday School. I want to mentor them. I also feel that I need a mentor.


Commerce, TX

I love the idea of mentoring. I have had several older women in my life who have guided me, even though I feel sure they didn't view themselves as a mentor. They were! I want to do the same for others!

missi smith

Oviedo, Fl

I have had wonderful older women who have mentored me: my mother, Bible study leaders, friends, inspirational speakers, and authors. I have had the opportunity to mentor people close to me but not in a formal way. I feel like God wants me to mentor, and I think this book will help me understand mentoring better.

Thanks Joanne for being our hostess. It's neat to connect with other Christian women from around the country/world.


Your name: Rachel
Your age-ISH: 29
Location: Long Beach, California
What is it about this topic that excites you? Why are you interested in it?: I am excited to learn how I can be used RIGHT NOW to assist others in their spiritual walk. I don't want to wait until I'm older and wiser to be used. I want to use my massive imperfections and experiences to help other woman right now....

Debbie Mitchell

Debbie Mitchell
Ballywalter (south of Belfast), N Ireland
No blog
Strictly speaking I don't come from a Christian background - my parents believe in God but that's about where it ends. Since I became a parent myself my mum has been amazing - but she can't offer me any spiritual advice on parenting - I need a Christian mentor! I have seen the great results that mentoring and coaching have in the business/educational/secular worlds and I really believe it is essential in the Christian community. I guess my biggest question is - how?


Tara Murphree


Crestview, FL (near the amazing Gulf Coast) but will be moving to Dothan, AL once our house sells.

Murphree's Law

I'm excited to learn more about mentoring. I was in a brand new city/church with no family or friends when I became a mom. I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful lady take me (and really my whole family) in and mentor me. I would love to be able to mentor someone who is in that situation.


I am so excited they have that book at the local christian book store and all of yours too. am getting them tomorrow and then, I'm in! Oh so excited
Mel (in Australia)

Joanne Heim


On 9/7/09 9:15 PM, "[email protected]" wrote:


Portland, OR

I spent 3 1/2 years as a professional mentor before I had my daughters and am still in an ongoing mentoring relationship with one of the young girls I mentored. (I met her when she was 11, and she's now 22.) I want to know more about how I can help lead her to Christ & how I can more fully mentor my three girls. I've been hungry for a mentor of my own for years, and I would also love to be able to help my church help women come alongside one another in mentoring relationships. So looking forward to this!

29 (30 in three can that be?)
San Antonio, TX

My husband is in his second year as an Associate Pastor and we are very far from home. It's lonely here and I've been thinking more and more about mentoring. I have a mentor but that is job related. I would love to be able to mentor some of the young women at church. Before I became "mom" I was a youth director and loved working with that age group. I'd love to learn more about mentoring for myself and so I can be a mentor for others.


nearly 42
Castle Rock, CO

I was lucky to have had women in my life when I was young that taught me about life and strengthened my Christian upbringing. I am interested in learning how to mentor and also how to be a good role model to young women, in general.

Chasity Ivy

Houma, LA

I have never had a mentor, I never thought much about it really. But it has been on my heart lately. I am interested in learning more about it and how it can help me become the woman God wants me to be. But to also learn about being a mentor in the future.


Ashley Pichea
Warsaw, IN
I feel strongly about Titus 2 mentoring, but have been at a loss as to how it works out in real life. I'm excited to learn more about it through this study, and I'm hoping to put it into practice both as a mentor and a mentoree!


Lakewood, WI

I have used this book before with ladies from our church. I am a pastor's wife and there are many dear older ladies in our church and they have taught me lots! I teach the younger women and hope to be a blessing & somewhat of a mentor to them (also have two daughters in their 20s). I would love to be part of a group of ladies reading and discussing this book. I hope it's not too late!!


Evansville, IN
Simple Things

Thanks so much Joanne for hosting this.I have never had a mentor but have desired to have one for a long time. I think that because I was never mentored in my early years of marriage, I don't feel I'm equipped to mentor others. Something that I have been thinking about though is starting a mom's group mainly consisting of our Scout mom's. Many of them are single and struggling because they don't have that spouse to talk to about their children's issues be it homework or just growing up stuff. Most of these mom's are also unchurched and although I don't feel equipped to mentor, I'd like to offer a place for support. Maybe that is mentoring...I don't know. Anyway, I'm excited to learn all I can before I try to give of myself to others.

Pam Romo

Torrance, CA
(Don't have a blog)
I seem to be the oldest responder so far! This subject is of interest to me because I've been a mentor to younger women for years in my own quiet way; to the mothers of my students as a preschool teacher at a private church-school for 20 years, to my sister-in-law whose children are 10 years younger than mine, and to my adult daughter who has grown into one of the finest women I know and is mothering 2 small children of her own. My own mentor for all of my life has been the mother of a childhood friend - a wonderful example & advisor.


Denver CO
no blog

I have been mentored in the past, and have an "informal" mentor now. They have been lifelines for me! I feel these relationships are the best of what womanhood can offer to us. As I get older I am realizing the need to mentor others and it terrifies me :) in a good way :). This book may be what I need to motivate me more in that direction.


Canton, MI

I am so excited for this Book Club / Study. I have had 2 wonderful informal mentors in my life. I now find myself in the pleasant position of having a lot of younger moms and woman in my circle of influence. I would like to be as big of a blessing to them and them to me as possible. I think this study can only enhance that opportunity God has presented!

Joanne, thanks for taking this on and organizing this along with all else you do. It will bless many that you will never know of!


Janna Widdifield
Denver, CO (Growing a Big Faith in My Little Sprouts)

I am teaching some younger girls at church this year. But, I am also wanted to learn more about adult women mentoring relationships. Have has some positive experiences in my past/growing up years and want to learn how I can return the blessing.

Marla Taviano

Marla Taviano
Columbus, OH

I thought for sure I'd already commented! Oops! I've been informally mentoring younger women for quite awhile, but I'd love to take a more serious, biblical look at it. And honestly? I'm moderating a Women Mentoring Women panel at a conference in November and would some direction. :)


St. Louis, MO

I began mentoring a woman last fall and after six months everything just fell apart because she needed far more help than I could give. I'd like to have some better ideas on how to mentor and to have the confidence to try again. Also, there is a woman from our church (we have three campuses) that I have never met, but have cooresponded with via E-mail since we're both prayer team members. I am praying about asking her to mentor me, but I'm not sure how to go about asking.


Totally late on getting to this ... thanks for the reminder. :)

38-ish :)
suburb outside Nashville, TN

I've not ever had a true mentor and have started developing that sort of relationship with a person like that at my church. I would love to know what the Bible says about this and how I also can be a mentor to those younger than me.


Sorry I did not do this earlier...

Pearland, TX suburb of Houston
No blog...maybe when I get a new computer...

Love Susan Hunt as an author. Have used her books with my children during family worship time. I am a homeschool mom of young peeps, who doesn't live around family and has a husband who travels...soooo an online group is just for me...

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