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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Dee johnson

I am Dee Johnson in Manhattan Kansas. I woiuld like a $2500 gift certificate to Williams Sonoma!

Patti Moore

Hey Joanne, it's Patti from Alaska! I would really love a Kindle from Amazon!


I'm Rachel and I'm from Palmdale, CA. For Christmas I would like a godly husband.


my name is karla cox, i'm from anderson, indiana. i don't want anything for christmas!


Hi. I'm Maureen from NH and I can't think of anything. Just wanted to say hi :)


Hi! I love to read your blog. My name is Lisa from Henderson, Nebraska. I would LOVE a pair of UGGS to keep my cold feet warm!


Hi! I'm Kelly from Abilene, TX. Can extra time be a Christmas gift? I guess not, but it sure would be nice! :) If I'm thinking extravagantly, I would love a few acres and a house just outside of town for our family. I love the quietness and peacefulness that being in the country brings.


Hi I am Harriet and I live in Western Australia. for Christmas I'd like a house for when I get married in January.
Or world peace!


I love this!
Danielle from Culver City and I would love to spend a few days in Pismo Beach with my husband for Christmas.

Barbara Watkins

Hi there, my name is Barbara Watkins and I live in Granbury, Texas. I love your blog and I read it every day. My dream of a Christmas gift would be a trip to Ireland.


Hi Joanne! Kristin from Highlands Ranch. Boy, do I miss you.
What I want for Christmas? A Viking 6 burner gas cooktop. Then I could cook paella inside. Either that or a week long trip to a tropical place where I could stick my toes in the sand a read a book and watch my boys play in the water and sand.

Kimberly S.



Laptop (MAC?)
Trip to Greece with my husband
A weekend away by myself
New wood floors in my house
Although I think we are forgoing gifts this year for my husband and I...saving for those new floors and paying off our house early.

Megan Wighaman

Hey there! I am Megan Wighaman living in Twin Falls, Idaho. My Christmas live near family. My husband is in ministry and it is difficult to be exactly where you want to be. It has been a very difficult year with my family in Colorado and I long to be close to them. Wow, that was intense :), a nice new pair of jammies would make me smile too!


Allison, Highlands Ranch, CO
What I'd really like the most, is to be pregnant...but as far as something tangible, I'd like the Canon Rebel digital SLR camera. :)


Hi! I'm Tiffany and I live in Canton, MI. It's kind of a suburb of both Detroit and Ann Arbor. This may sound silly, but for Christmas I would really just like a good haircut. My husband was out of work for almost 18 months and the job he finally got pays only a littl more than he was getting on unemployment. There is just no money for extras. I have a speaking ministry and lately I have been feeling a bit frumpy as I get up and speak in front of people! I think a good haircut wold make me feel more confindent. Silly, but since you asked...


Kirsten from northwest suburbs of Chicago - I'd like a Roomba and for over the top - a sewing room on our second floor (instead of being in the basement).


I'm Bethany from West Milton, OH. I want the 3-tier pastry stand from Target!


I'm a little late to the game....
Cheryl from Millen, Ga.

I'd love new bedding for our bedroom or a Kitchen-Aid mixer.

If you have time, hope you'll give us a report of where your readers live.

Love ya!

Megan Wighaman

Hope I don't double post...I tried and it didn't show up, so I'll try again :)

I'm Megan living in Twin Falls, Idaho.

My splurge...moving back to Colorado to be near family. My husband is in ministry and it is difficult to get to choose where to live. It has been such a difficult year for my family in CO and would love to be near to help out.

Some new jammies would make me smile too though!


Aurora from Monrovia, CA -- Hi Joanne!

For Christmas, I would love to have the rest of the rooms in my house painted by a fabulous painter who could do it all in no time flat and not cause too much disruption and mess!

linda t

Hi Joanne!
I'm linda t from Tempe, AZ.
I would like our family to have a sweet, memorable Christmas season before our 20 year old son leaves for the Marines on Jan. 4th. Lots of family time together. That would be the best gift of all.


Your name: Rachel
Where you live: Long Beach, Ca
One thing you'd really like for Christmas: A Keep Calm and Carry On rug.


Teri from Vancouver, WA.
A personal trainer - and a healthy dose of motivation to get to the gym!


(Holy cow, you have a LOT of comments!)

This is Angie from Erie chiming in! Hi, friend!

I'm catching up, so I'm a little late to your party, but I know it's okay. When tempted with the question "what do you want for Christmas", I always get flustered because a million things rush into my brain and then I feel so selfish and greedy.

I actually want a cat or dog. It's a lofty wish since Gary will never, ever, never, never, never-ever, NEVER give in to that wish. But I'd have three VERY happy kids if he did. Is it true that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission? Hmmm... ;)


Hi, I'm Sarah from Melbourne, Australia.

What I'd really like for Christmas is an ice-cream maker, Christmas falling in the middle of summer here. I am going to be staying at home next year with our first Bub and I would love to be able to make icecream for my husband to enjoy when he gets home from work - not to mention I think I'd enjoy it myself!

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