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Kathryn Stoker (Kate)

Sorry it didn't work out for you and your little one. Hope Emma gets to see her BFF soon.


Joanne -

I am thinking of and praying for Emma AND Hayden today. I understand the heartbreak of disappointment, and I'm sad for both of them. BUT...I want you to know - you DID do the right thing. God has such mysterious ways of telling us we shouldn't do certain thing. Definitely lessons in life, though disappointing. Emma will see Hayden again - soon. I hope she feels better. Had she come while sick, she may have missed out on seeing Hayden anyway - and the miles to travel just to be sick. God Bless You, my friend.


Oh poor babies, all of you. Praying for you all, that God will minister to Emma's illness and her heartache. God grant you wisdom to speak words of comfort, and Emma to receive them.

Teri Butcher

Oh Joanne, I'm so sorry for both of you! Yes, sometimes being the one responsible for making hard decisions just stinks. I'll be praying for all involved today. That just makes my heart sad for you all.
Much love,


It is so hard to be the mama at times like these. Praying for both of you today.


Awww, man! I'm so sorry, Joanne. It's so hard watching those sad faces crumple up when much anticipated plans are squelched. But you DID do the right thing. You'll just have to try again, and third time's the charm! I'll be praying for you both today, but especially that Emma's health is restored quickly. Love to you, friend.


Praying for all of you today. As disappointing as it is, you did do the right thing! It's times like this where being the mom is not fun, but we can always lean on our Heavenly Father for comfort. Praying for health and happy hearts!


I am sorry.
Tell her we're praying she feels better soon.

Lisa notes...

What heartbreak. My prayers are going up for all of you. May the Lord bring you special blessings for making the difficult choice to love.

Helen at A Work of Heart

Joanne...I echo the above comments. Disappointment is kind of a bummer isn't it? I will be praying for all of you...for both of you moms that are having to comfort your sweet girls.
We all need our moms and I had an experience recently where it made ALL the difference to have my mom say that I was making the right decision.

These are the times where we have to wait for future know when she is 20 something and remembers this event and all of a sudden such perspective will come...and she will rise and called you blessed because you were willing to make it happen for her and's just that the physical body got in the way...but in the meantime...I will pray for the reality of the sorrow of today.

Much love,


Joanne @ The Simple Wife

All of you,

Thank you so much for your prayers. Your care for my girl makes me love you all the more too!

Her fever is down and she's had some popsicles for breakfast. Still stuffy and tired, but feeling calm.

Choosing to trust that we did indeed make the right decision and that God's timing is always perfect!

Off to go do some out-loud reading to catch up with some school...



Poor thing! Can't help but be disappointed though, right? No BFF to spend time with, AND feeling crummy. I'll keep you all in my prayers today.


Oh, stinkers. Drat. All of those words. :(

Praying for Emma's physical and emotional health today, for a quick recovery on both fronts. Hang in there, Hayden... she'll come to visit you soon!

Jennifer Medeiros


Praying for Emma's health and heartache. So sorry about the entire situation. Yet, knowing God is taking care of it all will bring you the comfort you need.

PS...I like getting confirmation from my mom about whether or not I made the right choice in so many life decisions.

Jill Goding

I heard from a birdie you were coming;-).
Sorry it didn't work out....but rest assured, that is the way it is supposed to be. It is freezing here today and seriously snowy. Ashlyn would love to see Emma on the next trip you make out to Denver, when it is meant to be.
Jill & family

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