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I feel that way about vacation at the beach. I love the preparing for it, getting there, unpacking and setting up and the next day. Then I start to dread Wednesday, the half-way mark. After that, it just goes by so dern quickly and I hate it. I keep telling R that NEXT year, we are doing TWO weeks at the beach. Sigh. Some. Day.


I am in the first half of the Esther study, and we are taking 2 weeks for each week in the book. One week we do discussion, the next we watch the video. So, it lasts longer!


I bought Spiritual Mothering after reading about it on your blog and am praying for a group to read it with!

But I'm currently reading "Having a Mary Spirit" with two friends - I found it on clearance and it has a study guide in the back. It's the sequel to her first book.


We are doing Covenant by Kay Arthur--it's really, really good. Hope to do Esther soon--maybe this Spring.

One book I LOVED and have taught from more than once is Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. It really hits women where we are at...

I'm sure you will do a great job teaching!


Right now, my church study is finishing up Isaiah (using a Kay Arthur guide). Isaiah has so MUCH to it that I feel like I barely scratched the surface with it and it rushed by way too fast. I believe that our group is going to do either Esther (Beth Moore's) or a Priscilla Shirir next spring. Our leader is still going back and forth.

I'm pondering what to do in the interim. We break from Thanksgiving to early January. Maybe I'll use the time to catch up on Spiritual Mothering. :) Actually, I will probably use some of that time to really delve into the birth of Christ and Advent. That excites me greatly. :)

Jenn Raley

Hi. I haven't been by in a while. Saw your Esther comments and came to read them. I'm in a group on Esther, we're ending week 6 and headed for session 7 tomrrow. I think I have that right. I have totally enjoyed the study. Amazing, as always. I've also been looking in on a study w/Mary Baker's group on 9/12 Moms. I had started off 'behind' there and have decided to just jump in current. If you have a minute, stop by and check it out.


We just met today for week 6 of our Esther study - it has been so great! We did He Speaks To Me a couple studies ago - it was good. I don't know what study we will do in the spring. We have a meeting in a couple to weeks to talk about that. I heard that John Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life" was a good one - might check that out!

I know what you mean, I love to be in a bible study, but I also love just me and God bible study. To go where He leads. Lovely.


My bible study group is doing a spiritual warfare study that the leader of the group wrote. Not sure what I'll do during our break.

Doylene Brents

I did the Esther study and enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed Beth's Daniel study better than all her past studies I've done. I think I've done them all. I hope you have a great weekend. Doylene

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