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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Wow Joanne, I had never thought about being a tattle tale, but it makes sense. Even Jesus tattled. He told Peter that the enemy has ask to sift him. God has really been showing me that the things that go on in our life are for three reasons, to strengthen us, to encourage us, and to sharpen us. Sounds like God has been sharpening you, and inviting you to share. Thank you, I intend to be adding this to my prayer time. Guess this will be the one place where tattling is ok.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Thanks for this post Joanne. My heart has been so heavy the past few days regarding a couple friends who are at odds and me feeling as tho I could get pulled into the middle...I am off to do a little tattling with the Lord this morning. So glad to hear God has blessed you with the friendship of WOGs in such a short time there!

Jen Sonntag

I got the book for my birthday last week and I am loving it!

And I have moments of wondering how in the world I got such amazing friends. When we moved to CO a couple of years ago I was friendless. But now I have friends who are throwing me a dinner party this weekend! God is so gracious to us!

P.S. I am the girl who messaged you on fb because my hub was attending Denver Sem. He graduated in May!


My first visit to your blog and loved this entry...for a lot of reasons. For one...I am one who can tell people more than they want to know about me (at least it seems so to me!) but realize that I am telling not only my story but God's story...of how he turned bad to Good in His redemption of the enemy's plans. In fact, I named my little blog theGoodlife because of that very fact.

Anyway, I'm sure I will continue to enjoy reading your blog...going to go check out your marriage blog too). Thanks!


Great thoughts here.....I appreciate your sharing, and I think the kind of friend you mentioned is a rare treasure!



Loved this post and I needed it SO much today. Thanks!!!!


I needed to read this today. Love how you're telling on the Enemy. Gonna start that today. I agree, you don't have to be dealing with major drama to feel defeated by the everyday. It's a good reminder of who is really the source of our frustration. Thank you.


Wow Joanne,
Thank you so much for this post. I really needed it and you gave me just the ammo to fight the enemy with this morning!!!
Blessings to you and your family!!!


I love this! I tattle ALL THE TIME to God. And He never grows weary of it...I'm never told to stop. And He always shows up...always.

I haven't read your blog in a while and I find it VERY interesting that the day I decide to work on trusting God is the day I read this post...about trust. Even MORE confirmation that God wants me to trust Him...more and more...and completely. (I actually just did a post on my blog about it...literally 10 minutes ago!)'s tough! But I KNOW it will be worth it...

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