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oh...I get this. When I look at my journal I find that I write the same things over and over...I know the answer to so many of my issues is to spend more quality time in God's word. duh. I mean it now, meant it then, like you said.

There is a battle going on, girl. He doesn't want us to have victory, and he also wants to lump guilt and regret on us. Today is a new day. Bring it. :)

Lisa notes...

I love your battle words, Joanne. I don't want to coast either, but be strong, mighty, honest, brave. Glad we're fighting on the same side. And that God gives us the victory!

I didn't do so hot with my verse last week:

So I'll be working on it again this week.


Count me in...busy week...feeling rushed...needing again to reconsider a disciplined life. It seems like when I let one thing slide everything becomes begins to "loosen" in my life. Too much spending, too much eating, know how it goes. Thanks for the reminder and the call to strict training. I picture in my mind a firm, fit, and well trained athlete who is ready for the race and ready to face his opponent. I want to be that person.

I am also catching up on a few verses this week:

Lisa notes...

I just read this verse and it made me think of your tweets about having a hard morning after you wrote: "Bring it" in the post above. May it give you encouragement! I pray it for myself on lots of days.

Psalm 101:2 (Living Bible)
"I will try to walk a blameless path, but how I need your help, especially in my own home, where I long to act as I should."

Sometimes in our own homes is where Satan attacks the strongest, but it's also where God can empower even stronger. So, yes, bring it! We've got the power of our King helping us along.


I know what you mean about haphazard quiet times. I really want to get up earlier just to have some quiet time in the house before everyone wakes up. Spend a little time with the Lord, drink some coffee or hot tea, and just relax before beginning the day. The thought of it sounds so wonderful but the carrying out of it is harder. :) Anyway, I saw that there was a video posted on Beth Moore's blog but haven't been over to see it yet. I want to make a point to get over there to her blog sometime today. Sounds like a video I need to watch! :)

Here's my Memory Monday post:

Hope you have a great week!


Psalm 19 is such a great psalm. Verse 14 is one I say daily over and over to myself!


Post is up for this week:

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