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Angie Platten

And my face is on the carpet right alongside yours.


So many of us struggle with those same thoughts/attitudes/beliefs, Joanne. Thank you for being honest with yours... it helps me know how to pray for you (and frankly, how to petition God to disrupt the discontent in my own heart).

Account Deleted

i know allllll about discontent...i went through a very long, very icky season of hard core discontent....i never, ever want to go through it again. it is still philippians 4 that runs through my mind and heart when the grumblings of discontent start in me...

of course, not that i'm sooo content right now, b/c if we're honest, we (as people, in general) tend toward discontent, I mean, that's what capitalism is all about!

Joanne, it is wise of you to recognize your discontent for what it is, seeking His power to transform your mind & heart.

and you are battle is up here and in here (pointing to my head & heart)

Melissa @ Breath of Life

I'm so right there with you, friend! As much as I know God has my good at heart during this season of our lives, I'm also scared that whatever He has in store isn't going to be what I want...or "good enough". I've liked my comfortable little life for too long.

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing your struggles. I'll be praying for you.


Yes, we all have those seasons. Right here with you... I think I will have to meditate on those scriptures as well...


the good thing is that you have spoken it're not keeping it in...keeping it a secret for the enemy to use against you. Speaking these things out loud makes them lose their power...and gives us a chance to hold you up in prayer.

Several years back I had a bad relapse of depression..BAD. But...I was going to church, I was a christian, I was a bible study leader and the coordinator of our women's retreats...I can't be depressed! What would the others think?

Well, I believed that lie and kept to myself. Until one blew up. Bad. I was a wreck. And suicidal if I'M honest. I didn't act on it. But I sure was entertaining thoughts. It was horrible. My husband rescued me physically...and my God rescued me emotionally.

Later that night I ended up at bible study...and right in the middle of it all God told me to confess to my sisters. I argued. I wrestled. I refused. And then...I told. And it was the best thing I could have done. The whole next week I could literally FEEL myself being helpd up by my sisters in Christ. I KNEW they were praying for me...because I couldn't do it for myself. And moments I knew that I should be paralyzed but wasn't...I KNEW that someone was praying for me. It was amazing.

So...speak it out. Don't hold it in. No matter your "position". We ALL need God and each other...ALL the time.

I still battle with depression...I wonder if it's not my "thorn". But it never gets that bad...because I speak it out. And I rely on others. And I allow God to use it for others...I pray that this speaks to someone reading. With God all things are possible...

Aurora @ Under Transformation

I hate the blahs...sometimes I feel like the blahs linger in my background, moving to the forefront periodically. It does indeed require a fight for your thoughts and your emotions. And fighting is a choice...I'm praying for your choice to fight today!

I wrote about my blahs here -- -- the Lord had ministered to me with a quote from Spurgeon -- praying He encourages you in the only way He can, Joanne!


Marla Taviano

Love this post. Love YOU, friend! Prayed for you and your family this morning during my quiet time. Praying God washes your blahs away!


This will preach:) Thank you for this today..needed this reminder myself! Hope today is wonderful for you!


Thanks for your transparency on this. I've been dealing with the blahs & discontentness myself lately. Thanks for sharing Psalm 16 -- that definitely helps and is encouraging. I think some prayer time is in order this evening for sure...

Blessings to you!


Thanks for being honest. So many times it seems like everyone else has it together.

Kathleen  Jaeger

Oh, how Psalm 16 has spoken to me again and again in my seasons of discontent. He has assigned me my portion and my cup and my boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places. Taking it by faith even when it doesn't feel that way. Oh, how I can relate. Thanks for sharing your struggles honestly.

Kimberlie Feth

Wow, how did you put into words what had been going on in my life? That's the power of God!
Thanks for that. Gonna go chew on it for awhile.

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