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Spend less time in front of the television and computer and more time being the wife, mother, homemaker and employee that I know I can be.


My goal is to spend more time with my Lord every day and get my house in order. I've had a crazy year of working way more than I wanted but my heart is at home.



I'm thinking of changing my devotional time to the morning instead of noon...
Well...its going to be a really challenge cos I'm really not a morning person...but I think this change for maybe @ least 3 mths might be gets me out of my comfort zone...


Moving in the morning.... I know I'm most productive early. So, I'm determined to kiss my pillow at the start of each day, and get moving earlier. (IT's hard when it's soo cold!)

Susan Smith

Well, basically, take better care of myself...physically and emotionally. I have the spiritual part pretty much in hand...quiet time, reading thru the bible, bible study work done first thing in the morning, but my eating, exercising and stress are Out. Of. Control. It is a viscous cycle. Tomorrow my mom-in-law goes in for surgery so we will be at the hospital all day. And actually, that works for me in the food department because I actually love cafeteria/hospital food and there are always plenty of veggie and fruit items to choose from and I will. After my coffee stop at The *Bux, of course. Just not ready to let coffee go...but SOON.


Waking up early even on days I don't exercise (share early morning exercise days with my husband). Which will be very hard after a two week holiday of sleeping till 7 or 8 AM (which is sleeping in our house with three little kids). I also want to finish reading through the Bible...started last January and have a bit more to go...then on to more contemplative reading of the Bible at a slower pace. I will probably start with Matthew since my husband is teaching an adult Sunday School class on Matthew. I am also planning on having a Thursday night PowWow time with my husband. Talking about finances, plans, and then ending in prayer. This was my husband's idea and I love it.


Like some of the others, I plan on getting an earlier start to the day. Focusing on taking better care of myself and getting things in order. Having a quiet time after the kids head out for school and getting to the Y so there is a happier and healthier Mommy.


I plan to continue taming the paper and clutter monsters and that I created over the years. My husband and I are talking about moving out of California and there is no way those monsters are following us in a moving truck to another state!


I'm going to give up sugar and really, really, really focus on healthy eating.

Oh and exercise...I must get in a routine because my boddy has gotten so stiff this year! (Wow, I sound like I'm ancient!)

And I'm reading The Message through chronologically.

Change starts for me tomorrow, too!


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