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Marla Taviano

I love, love, LOVE The Message. LOVE. So fun that Toben worked w/EP on it!


"Coincidences are miracles where God chooses to remain anonymous."


Exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing!

Helen at A Work of Heart

So real.

That scripture from the Message impacted me recently and I wrote a post called "Stuff" I can relate...

Peace for your day,



Oh my, Emma's precious response brought tears to my eyes.

Brynn in CO

Emma's spiritual insight is just what I am hoping to foster in my two little daughters (we're about 7 yrs behind your family). How precious. This post was an excellent reminder that we are truly not to worry. God has it under control!
Thanks and bless you!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

You know, I'm praying. When will June get here? Anxiously anticipating your return.


So amazing of your daughter - wow!!

I have to say, I have never read the message. I wasn't sure I would really like the directness of it. But lately, I have found myself becoming interested.

Thank you for posting this verse. I have been plagued by worry for a while and I found such comfort in reading these words.


Hi there. I happened across your blog recently and have found so much to take in that it's now saved as one of my 'top sites.' So I thought I should introduce myself. Thanks for this post. If I have children, this is what I hope it will be like. Blessings to you.


I'm a little late to the posting, but had to relay God's thumbprint from this week. On my birthday this past June, I picked Ps 46:10 for my verse for this year (See Debbie Macomber's Knit Together). After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, my mother died this Wednesday. Thursday, as I was turning to a new page in my book, A Grandmother's Guide to Praying for her Family; I saw that the verse I was praying for my family the day my mother died was Ps 46:10. "Be still and know that I am God."


Part II-I popped back to my email after making this posting, my DIL had sent me a verse--Ps 46:10. God is so GOOD!


Hi there,

I'm pretty late to this conversation but I thought I'd share some "coincidences" with you.

Last Spring of 2014, i used to travel nearly 2 hours from my town to go to a beautiful park. The views are breathtaking, the landscape is colorful and you can slip into peacefulness away from the chatter of the city. I fell in love with the place years ago when I interned in its neighborhood. Anyway, last Spring I would go there with the hope in my heart that one day I'd get to go there with someone special. We'd go and look at the views and eat ice cream together. I said a quick prayer about it and stored the hope away in my heart. It was a special place to me indeed.

Not too long after that, I applied to schools to transfer to, two of which were Nyack College in New York and NYU. I'm in my very late twenties, around that age when friends and family members are starting to get married and have kids. A friend of mine joking said to me, "maybe you'll find a husband in school!" I said, "Sure: If I go to Nyack I'll meet a Pastor. If I choose NYU, I'll probably meet a doctor". In another conversation with a new friend I met I said, "I'd like to meet someone as soon as school starts. Maybe we'll get engaged when I graduate".

Well... I guess I had no idea of the things I was saying nor did I have an idea that God was behind those things, because my second week of starting at NYU, I met a young man who's in his last year of med school who offered to take me to the park I hoped someone special would take me to. He was excited to take me there, in fact, at the end of our first date, he asked if I've ever been there before. I gushed and said "of course!" And went on and on about how much I loved the place but I've never been there at night when I'm sure it's the most beautiful. To that he replied, "how about I just take you there!" What's cutest is, he even bought me ice cream lol!

We're not a couple. At least not yet. There's a lot that still has to happen. Who knows if we'll ever get married, but I just thought it was so interesting those "coincidences" line up. The going to the park thing was a very intimate hope that I stored in my heart that only God would know I'd greatly appreciate. Who knows why God brought us together. But I appreciate how He brought all of those things together so seamlessly.

Although things are moving a tad slowly now, and I've endured a lot of confusion and doubt on my end of things, I still believe Gods hand is in this situation and hope to see how things turn out.

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