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Ahhhh women and their hair. If it helps I do my 10 year old daughters hair everyday too. Today I spent an hour with her hair, blow drying and then the straight iron. It kills me to straighten her beautiful long ringlet curls, but of course...she hates them.I have a hair question. When is a woman too old for long hair? long hair meaning atleast half down her back. I ask because I am in my late 40's and due 2 a lack of a hairdresser my hair has gotten 2-3 inches past my shoulders and I LOVE IT! I would like 2 grow it longer, but wonder...As for coloring uggghh. It is a huge commitment,expensive and very time consuming ( this is if u go to a salon, and take it from a woman who has ended up with orange hair and lost hair, this is the "root" to go!)I just stopped coloring three years ago and wish I had done it sooner! I could of taken my family to disney with the money I would of saved. I now figure as a mother of five, I have deserved every grey hair on my head and wear them proudly!!


Sorry, me again with an of subject question. I love ur idea of praise music on your ipod for walking. I am ashamed to say I don't know of any good cd's. I would love if u could either post some or feel free to e-mail me. Thank you in advance for your help.

Allison Johnson

Yes, everytime I pull the flat iron out I praise god for it's invention, especially on the humid days that San Antonio has so very often. My daughter has a horses mane for hair, she will only wear it in a ponytail right now, and sweats when I come near with the flat iron. I sometimes think that I'm a little bit hair crazy when I'm fixing mine but seriously...a girls got to have good hair!

Angie Platten

I love the Outlander series! I just started The Fiery Cross a couple of days ago. I've had it a few years and kept saying I was gonna' go back and re-read the others since it's been a while but I didn't. Just dove into this one.

And, by the way, I will never give in to gray hair... I'll always be a redhead! Some women look fabulous with their gray. Gray mixed in red? Bleh! Not happening on this head. I've pulled a few out too but mine are WHITE!


You are doing good if you just found a gray hair...I started 4 years ago at 35! I do color but just to match my hair color. I only do it 2 or three times a year at most. I love long hair for doing my daughters hair...she hates me even brushing it...3 years old. A couple weeks ago she tired to bring back the mullet look on one side of her head. So having hair that grows very slow she will have the asymmetrical look for a couple of years. Hope she lets me do it someday!


Stay natural! I don't want to be the only one. ;)
You even look beautiful in orange, but it might be hard to coordinate an outfit each day.


I still do my 10 yr old daughter's hair, but I don't flat iron it everyday - actually I have only done that twice. Doing my own hair with it daily is too much work for me!
I think I see a couple of grays in my hair, but with blonde hair, it's hard to tell. I will NOT like it when it all turns gray. But you know, my hubby has lots of silver flecks in his hair - and it just looks great on him. No fair. Men age so much better than women.....

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

So, TIna...long hair and older women.

I think you can wear it however you want and however you feel good no matter your age! I know several "older" women with long, lovely hair.

I will say that my mom wanted to grow her hair long before I had Audrey. She so wanted to be a grandma with her hair in a bun. (Of course, her hair is still short and Audrey is 11!)

I do know already that I don't want grandma hair (that fluffy perm thing) when I'm old, so I will grow my hair long and wear it in a bun when the time comes. Just not sure what color it will be when that time comes! :)


(Okay, so Cindy Brady pony tails might not be a good idea past the age of 9, but you know what I mean!)

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