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Read my 365 Bible chapters for today
Check email, etc.
Homeschool seminar (9-5)
Church (belated) Valentine's dinner (6-8)
Collapse in exhaustion : )

Busy! Hope you have a good day!

Kim Feth

Rest on the couch.
Blow my nose.
More nose blowing.
Quiet time.
Family out the door to Science Olympiad mtg.
Try hard to act like I feel better.
Go to son's birthday party for 4 hours of indoor swimming at a hotel.
Take cold medicine.
Collapse in bed at hotel.

Allison Johnson

Make coffe
check email
read bible
make chocolate chip pancakes for daughter and son
go for a run- or this afternoon
take daughter shopping for dance dress
probably stop at Starbucks for cookie/latte
go for a run now if didn't this morning
make dinner- who knows what?
hang out with husband on couch
go to bed again...


wake up
get dressed
get boy dressed
make boy breakfast
eat light breakfast
go to women's breakfast at church
(put boy in child care)
talk about MOPS in front of women
lunch with husband and boy
birthday party across town with boy
drive home (while boy naps in car????)
clean bathrooms/fold laundry
make supper
put boy to bed
do data entry
read one of several books on the go


get dressed
lesson plans
make copies
grade papers
report cards
clean house
buy groceries

Allison Talamantez

you are busy. The retreat sounds awesome!


Wake up
Shower (wow I got to do this in the AM)
Breakfast for kids
Get kids dressed
Basketball Game
Tax appointment
Dry Cleaners
Home Depot
Unpack groceries/car
Numerous Loads of Laundry washed during the day (not folded)
Campout (eating dinner and watching a movie...big treat)
Kids to bed
File a years worth of paper
Put hand-me-down in attic
Make guest Bed
Clean-up guest room
Watch a Movie

Can you tell my husband is out of town...major push to get the to do list done so when he is home we can just be for awhile.


wow ladies, you all have your Saturdays full! I have tried to stick to a routine on Saturdays but so far it hasn't worked. I want to make it a restful day but it seems that all we do is catch up on the weekends!
I hope you all had a lot accomplished!
I hope you're feeling better Kim.

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