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Good night sleep tight. Homeschooling is great but does take a bunch of time. Tomorrow I am going to have dinner/coffee with a fiend who I see a couple times a week in the neighborhood (have homeschool stuff) but tomorrow is without kids too. It is our annual birthday night out. I was 39 on the 6th and she is 38 today. So sad we only make it out without kids once a year, but life is busy now with kids...someday it will not. Have a great coffee and even better conversation!

hmm I would love to be Dara Torres...get in a great swimming workout (swim awesome) and a massage, and eat a carb loaded lunch...then nap and swim again.


I homeschooled my two children - my daughter from second grade thru 12th and my son from K and now he is in 12th. I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING! Not even being Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
The list is long of the lives I wouldn't mind doing for a day. How about being a trainer ala Jillian Michaels (without the bad words), that would mean of course that I have that body and know how to use it!

Gail @ Pandemonium in the Parsonage

Something in a recent Sunday School lesson stuck with me. The writer pointed out that our struggle with time (usually that we don't have enough) is completely on our end. God, the Creator and Master of time, has it under control. We have exactly enough time to do exactly what God has for us to do. I'm still chewing on that, but it's some truth, I do believe.

I don't know who I would be for a day. I'm really liking life around here a whole lot lately!


I would wake up a world class athlete - some kind of endurance sport - a long shot favorite - who has overcome many obstacles to accomplish what I have. I would want to be someone the devil knows not to mess with.

I miss you Joanne. AZ is very blessed to have you for another year. I am so glad that you blog - it makes me feel like I am having coffee with you this morning. xo

Melissa @ Breath of Life

I think I'd be a full time missionary in Peru.

So great that Audrey's cooking. CJ's starting to do the same. They're growing up too fast. Last night, CJ asked me to cuddle with her on the couch. Tonight, she may not want me anywhere near her. Oh, the 'tween years!

Marla Taviano

I love this post! I feel like I just got all caught up on your life. :)

Kathleen  Jaeger

Ahhh, homeschooling. I love it. I have been homeschooling for 6 years now. And yet when I struggle in life I seem to forget that homeschooling is hard -- the obstacle outside of me -- rather than just me -- the internal battle with the flesh. Ohhh, and coffee with a friend. I have one of those dates planned for tomorrow night -- if it doesn't get canceled because of the snow. I can also relate to the temperature extremes -- albeit not as extreme as Denver to Phoenix. But I have experienced moving from Minneapolis to Nashville. A bit of a change in temperature & climate.

Thanks for sharing Joanne. I enjoy reading your blog. I just started one if you want to click over & get to know me a tiny bit.

I can also relate to Bible studies. I love leading Bible studies...and have also dreamt of teaching on a stage. Yet, even the thought can humble me as well.

This is a long comment from a year-long regular reader of your blog. I hope you have a great day.

Oh, And I have no idea what I would be for the day!?!


Totally relating to your post and wondering how you do it all? I'm homeschooling three little ones, helping with my husband's full-time ministry and running the women's ministry at church as well. I feel like I work three full-time jobs! And I haven't posted on my blog in almost an entire year!

I love Glee too (minus some inappropriate content that is)!

BTW, my sister and her husband go to Woodland Hills and are close friends with the Smalleys and Cunninghams, so I was shocked to see what Toben's job is! What an awesome opportunity! (Been reading your blog for awhile now, but no time to comment! What a small world!)


Relate so much to the amazing idea that people like to read my posts too- but also love to read yours- I agree with Maria- all caught up with your life- So glad you know you are staying in AZ for another year of ministry.
I would love to wake up as Elizabeth, (Lizzy) from Pride & Prejudice- to enjoy the large family with 4 sisters and excitement of young love with a handsome man!


I love this post!! I have always told people things that I've wanted to be for a day...and they look at me like I'm nuts! I would love to be an international spy for a day. And, I love the lists.

Kim Feth

Isn't God awesome! I work full time outside of the home b/c we need my income, and I was just this week struggling with bitterness, resentfulness, and like I needed more time in each day, because I want to work from home and home school our son. But God turned it around. I have to remember that my mission field is my full time job. And my son. And my neighborhood. I have to stop looking at it like a burden and start living it like a missionary would in a foreign land.
And my son has also JUST started to get embarassed, which makes me want to do things more. Like sing outloud (which I don't do well at all) in the grocery store. And hug him HUGE and give him big, loud 'smouchy' kisses on the cheek in front of his friends. And while he says it embarasses (sp?) him, I've also caught his face and seen him smile when I do those things.
So, yes. I think we're all walking this journey together. And that's so GOD!
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

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