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Helen at A Work of Heart

Aaaahhhh Joanne,

I really needed to read your words this morning. I am not sure why at times it seems so easy to see someone else's calling and be a cheerleader but drop the pom poms when it comes to my own. Thanks for that encouragement.

I am totally sharing with my Bible study next week your idea about writing down the lessons learned in the front of the workbook...such a valuable and great idea.

Hugs to you my friend,



Thank you for sharing! An word in due season for many of us I am sure.


Ditto the comments above. I really, really needed to hear that today. Thank you for writing so eloquently and directly.

Kim Feth

The words 'make every effort' in English are from the one word, I think, spelled 'agonitsimi' (can't recall exact spelling). It means 'as if in a fight for life, or a top athlete at an event'. It's where we get the word 'agonize' from. That's how I like to think of it. I need to put in such an effort as to agonize over it. I also would need to agonize over taking the easy way out. I like the way you said it!
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


Thanks a bunch for these words today (though I'm late in reading them, I'm glad I did!)! I am finding at this stage in my life I'm truly pressing in on the corners as you said, but occasionally I find myself a bit envious of those who i look at and think they must be satisfied at 'just getting by'. And it isn't a judgement on them, it's just that I feel like God is working so hard on me constantly that it's exhausting! Does that even make sense?! Thanks for the example of one who's walking in her calling!

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

"It's just that I feel like God is working so hard on me constantly that it's exhausting!"

Oh Mandy, I feel you there!

And yet, I want it. I want to be aware of how God is working on me, what he's teaching me. I never want to not have an answer when someone asks what God is doing in my life.


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