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I am sitting here crying now at your beautiful post. What a great time to share with your daughter, and Mrs. Moore. Be still and listen. :D

Holly @ Crownlaiddown heart is praying for you both, for your word from the Lord and for a special memory-making time together.


Beautiful post Joanne! I pray you will both be blessed with YOUR WORD, and that there will also be a special bond between you over Audrey's first LPL event.



Joanne, I just found your blog last week, and I love it. I love Audrey's pink hair. I never thought I'd say that, but how you handled it was extraordinary, and she will never forget it. I too share a love for Beth Moore, and can't wait to take my own daughter with me sometime. I hope you guys have a great time this weekend, listening for that word! God bless you both!

Love, Kathryn


So so thrilled for both of you. Praying you up friend!


Makes me so thankful and happy and sad and weepy to read this. I know both of you will listen for and receive the word that He has just for you. I am praying that for you right now.

Love you both.


Kathleen  Jaeger

Thanks for the inspiring to grow not only into a woman but a woman of, love, love it. Will be adapting this idea! Imitation is a form of flattery, right? Also, love expecting to hear from God. A word just for us. Thanks for saying that, too.


How stinkin' awesome! Have a blast and I join the others in praying for both of you to hear your "word" clearly.

Lisa @ Simplified Saving

What a cool opportunity for you both! I'm so thrilled that your daughter has a passion for hearing from God. That's amazing! You must be so proud!

Sue Tell

Hey Joanne - I too loved this post. And I love how you are teaching Audrey ... and I bet Emma too to listen to God. I'm anxious to hear what Audrey hears.


I hope this is an awesome weekend for both of you! I know both of you will get exactly the word you have prayed for.

Kim Feth

I was praying up a good day for you both! Can't wait for the GLD (girl level details).
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Stacey Lynch

You are an amazing MOM!!! I love you so much, and am so amazed out how you simplify life, and keep clear, and right out front whats important...making Jesus the highest priority of all. Your girls are so blessed to have you!

Toni J

You are such an inspiration. I needed to hear that I should expect to hear from GOD each and every day. Unfortunately sometimes I'm not always listening. Thanks for opening my eyes and ears so that I will listen carefully EVERY day for GOD.
I have a 6 year old daughter that loves God. We pray every morning before school for a blessed day, her teachers, friends and family. We also recite 15 simple scriptures she has memorized so far. Funny Story: My daughter's 6 year old classmate began riding with us before and after school. I explained to this little girl that we pray before school every day. As we began to pray this child would cover her ears and shake her head as if she did not want to hear it. I began to rebuke and pray even louder. We didn't change our routine one bit. We prayed louder and longer. I am glad to say that this child can now lead us in prayer and has also memorized the 15 sciptures I have taught her. GOD is so so good!

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