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What a timely topic for me! I have always struggled with feeling insecure... but recently my thoughts have been overwhelmed with insecurity. Sounds like a book that I need to read.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)


I can't recommend it enough. Now that I've read it through once, I'll be going back to savor the truth I learned and put it all into practice!



I'm on Chap 13 right now. It is such a blessing to me! Incidentally, Joanne, you are a blessing to me!!


I've seen that book several times here lately when I've been to the book store and have struggled within myself on whether or not to buy it- I so struggle with my own insecurities... mainly ones that are totally self-inflicted & totally in relation to God.
I think I need to stop battling myself & go ahead and read this book- and my Bible on a more regular basis.
Thanks for the timely topic- I've really been mucking around here lately.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Right back at ya, Holly!

Taylor--Yes, get it! And yes, read it! I've found it so very helpful.



Next up as soon as I finish Breaking Free. I can only handle so much at once:)


I put this book on hold at the library back when you posted this in April and just got it a couple of weeks ago. I'm about half way through and LOVE it! I've done some Beth Moore Bible Studies, but this is the first book of hers that I've read and it is fantastic! Thanks so much for mentioning it!

P.S. I know you said you need your own copy to write in, but I am so not a write in books type of person. Instead I journal on the computer whatever strikes me as I'm reading it.

P.S.S Are the things you write in your books super personal? I'm terrified someone (ie my husband) would come across my "notes" after I've died and his life would be ruined if he read my deepest most innermost thoughts!

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