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Dawn W

Complete silence...

Phones turned off. No tv, radio, ipods, etc. Not even the sound of appliance (dishwasher, clothes washer, dryer, etc) running.

A morning/afternon/day of no commitments.

The Bible and my prayer journal.

Other times... sitting in solitude on the beach works. I've always said I think God hears me better when my bottom is sitting in sand. ;)

Marla Taviano

Well, hey. God's been telling me to be quiet and still too. Love you.

Susan Smith

I'm a girl who always spoke first and cleaned up the mess later.

Trying to be quiet and still more and more every single day.

Man, is it hard some days!

Love you, as you very well know :)




I can't help but be quiet when it's rainy. It's my favourite sound, rain on a tin roof. So I savor it. It's a miserable rainy day here and I couldn't be happier! I'm looking forward to a lovely peaceful day.

Much love,

Kathleen  Jaeger

I am most quiet when I am sick, suffering or really tired.

I can so relate. It is hard to be quiet!! My thoughts are full.

I enjoy the beach, quiet at my house, my bible and prayer time.

But in conversation I am most quiet when I am sick, suffering or tired. And lo, and behold, many more people want to speak to me, too, then!! I guess I am finally quiet enough for someone to spill over into my ears...which I do enjoy listening to, too. I like hearing others' story.


Complete quiet is pretty hard to come by @ my house with a 3 yr old chatterbox and TV loving husband. I love them, also I love my quiet time.
If I am home alone, everything goes off, TV, radio & appliances. I have been driving in silence during my work commute for the last month-that's been very restorative. I've taken your advice and gone to bed intentionally early for some quiet too.

Jenn Raley

I was thinking about your blog the other day and wondered 'where you went'. I had lost your blog thumbnail! Good day to come back and read b/c I enjoyed and appreciated your post. I've had people tell me the same thing about my head being full...and it can be extremely difficult for me to quiet my thoughts. Know what you mean! Thanks, Jenn

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