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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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I've never been sure what the best way to handle comments is. I personally do not go back to posts that I have commented on at other blogs, unless it was a topic I was really curious about. I really like the applications you can install that let the blogger carry on conversation right there in the comments, but I haven't figured out how to install them.


I don't respond to every one, but I typically do it by email. If I don't have an email and it's a question, then I will go back and put it in the comments. I'll be honest ... if I leave a comment on someone's post I very rarely go back to check and see if they've responded.

I just closed my comments. I was getting too caught up in the number of comments I was getting (or not getting). And I felt guilty for not responding to everyone.

It was something I had to let go. And it's been more freeing...I don't write to elicit comments anymore (which I didn't think I was doing, but sometimes that crept in).

I still keep up with my close blogging friends via email...but I realized I can't let blogging eclipse my "real life" friends & ministry.

So, it's been a good change for me.


I always reply within the comments section. That way the rest of the folks that read the post can join in as well and we end up having a group conversation rather than just me talking to each person individually. But replying within the comments works really well on Multiply where my blog is because the inbox always lets you know when there's a conversation going on somewhere. You can opt out of being alerted about updates if you want, but for people who like the back and forth discussions that can go on, it works really well.

Luke Holzmann

I reply to comments in a comment. I've emailed my comment to others on rare occasion when I feel they need my response immediately and may miss it. I try to respond to every comment.



I try and respond to most of my comments but I do it through email. I tried Disqus or the other threaded commment things, but it was making it hard for my readers to actually leave a comment. I feel responding by email is more personal.

Helen at A Work of Heart

Comments...I relate with so many of the above comments...I have learned that I have a much larger (not that it is huge...ha) number of readers that don't leave comments ever and my faithful few that do leave comments on most posts. Lately I have started to leave comments within the comments using italic writing. One of the reasons is that on my sidebar it shows who left comments and if I respond to several it is just a list of my comments...looks kind of funny. If I receive a really personal comment I usually email the person directly especially if it is someone that I don't have a personal relationship with. I would love to have more of an ongoing dialogue with readers but that just isn't my readership base. Just in the last couple months I have really released the need to have comments at has been kind of a blessing to not know all who happen to stumble onto the blog from other's like the hidden work of the Lord and I don't have to know EVERYTHING...I can trust the Lord in that.

Kathleen  Jaeger

Hmmm, I am fairly new to this blogging thing (started in January). And since at first, I didn't leave comments. The only way that I saw that folks responded to other comments were in the comment box. So that is the habit that I have started. But I don't always do that either. I was surprised to get an email from you Joanne, one of the first times I commented but I have gotten a few others since then.

I do go back and look at posted comments to see if that person said anything back. I recently did a blog challenge where they encouraged folks to read others and comments. And I began to find that I enjoyed having comments. And seeing what posts people have a tendency to comment on. I find, though, that the folks that I know in real life don't comment very often. So I am trying to find a focus for my blog and to see who is reading it and what they enjoy reading. But the balance between cyber friends and face-to-face friends needs to certainly be weighted to the face-to-face. I like the thoughts posted here about the comments. Hmmm. Pondering the focus on my time.


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