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I can relate to you a little here. Although we have not moved out of our home town we did sell our home (unexpectedly) last year. Now we are renting but only expected to rent for a few months until we found something else. Since it was only going to be a few months we put almost everything in storage. We are going on our 7th month in our rental and I really miss all our stuff. Simple things like my cheese greater that I didn't have the other day when I was making dinner. ...So, I hear you loud and clear! :)


That clubhouse and it's ameneties and less rent money would probably keep me there! I say bring more "treasures" from home, and spend lots of time at the pool!


Hi Joanne paint the wall a lovely colour you like and Jump in the pool! and bring more treasures in your home and save the money for a great new thing when you go back to denver! If You are going back?

Lots of greetings from Eveline!

Dawn W

ASK! We rented several places when we were first married and always left the place better than when we moved in. We found that many landlords just don't want to do the work but will gladly pay for it. We had one landlord who, once the project was "approved," would allow us to purchase the supplies and do the work ourselves. Then we would provide him with the receipts and deduct the cost of our supplies from our rent payment. It was a win/win situation.

mma shirts

I'm from Connecticut and moved to Phoenix for a year. It turned out to not really be my thing but it was an awesome experience!

Kurt Palen

I've moved to Mesa, Arizona a few years ago. The house is wonderful, it's like being in Mars with all the red sand around. Hehe. But it ain't easy. Transporting all our stuff from California to Arizona is no small feat. But it was definitely worth it.

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Great suggestions! I've also found that some moving box companies provide moving kits which include moving boxes and packing supplies. To know more about them click here.

The wife and I moved here about 8 years ago now...we miss Orange County, California and beautiful weather year round, but too expensive for us right now.

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