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We have the greatest CD for Rocky Mountain National Park. It's for the road that leads from the Winter Park side of the park to the Estes Park side. It's timed so that you turn it on and then if you follow the speed tells you what you are looking at. We purchased it at the gift shop and my kids really liked it...was very interesting! I'm not sure if you will be driving around but I'd be glad to mail it to you. We have used it and have passed it on to numerous friends who have all used it. E-mail me. I'd gladly pass it was kind of a one use, expensive purchase.

Anyway, I'm not a camping type girl. I love the whole idea of it but when I get there and we break out the tents, I hate it. My husband and son go frequently but my daughter and I usually bail out on the whole idea. I grew up with a cabin on Donner Pass near Lake Tahoe each summer but it had an indoor bathroom and bunk beds (and a lot of dead mice! EEEK) I just hate roughing it. :(


There's the Joanne I know! Glad you have something to be excited for upon your return! I've been praying for you!

Kathleen  Jaeger

Yay! Camping! I love camping. I grew up going camping in campers & an occasional tent (we thought that was fun when we were kids) & a cabin. They are some of my very favorite memories. We have done only a little bit with our family. We usually try to get out once/summer. We wish it was more. But even the little bit is worth it.

Have a great trip!


I, too, grew up camping in a green army tent. We packed in my parents and six siblings plus myself. I don't really remember what we DID per se, but I sure did love that tent.

When it finally gave up the ghost (it was the same tent my dad had camped in as a child), we ended up with a collection of brightly colored multi-room nylon tents. The multiple rooms were nice for privacy's sake--but they just didn't have the same feel as the army tent.

Ah, nostalgia.


I do so hate to admit this, but I have NEVER been camping. I live in Louisiana - in the deep south of La - with the heat/humidity and the mosquitoes. It is enough to get from the house (with the AC) to the car (with the AC) to the store/wherever we are going - with the AC. Camping has never been something that appealed to me, but if we lived where you do - well, that would be a different story.... I do feel I am missing out on a whole lot by choosing to stay here!!


For some reason, when I saw the title of your post, the song from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers popped into my head - "Goin' Courtin'." :-)

I have great childhood memories of the times we went camping. The only time my husband and I have gone, we were flooded out. I really want to try again now that we have kids - but sometime when the weather is cooler!

Chuck Friedenstein

Yippee - everyone here in Denver is looking forward to a week in Moraine Park Campground. We will finally have more than enough bodies to fill the extra bed me ensured was in our 5th wheel! Love Dad

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