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Holly @ Crownlaiddown

From a friend, who is more than a casual friend to you, I believe, I say to your question, I don't know. I usually say and share most of it. Then again, I usually get hurt in the process. So I need to learn to be a friend, who shares rightly and divides appropriately and loves deeply and continues to trust, even when I get hurt.


And this is why I have been a lot quieter lately as well. :)
Feel free to write/call/cry in this direction. You've got my new number I think. Feel free to use it as needed. I get it.


Your question here is a hard one for me, but one that I struggle with just as much today as I did many years ago, as a kid. I am a very private person and that has proved, over my many years of life, to be something that I tend to regret at times. Here's the thing...Being private (in my opinion) is okay. Being stand-off'ish is not. The problem here is that most people, when looking/observing a person(me, a VERY private person) from the outside usually see that person as stand-off'ish and automatically label them as a "snob" or self-centered. So,where is the line? For me, being private is who I am, I just need to work on not being TOO private, coming across as stand-off'ish and scare people away (hence, probably my reason for not having any really close friends for most of my life). This is something that I work on everyday! Most people struggle in life with addictions and and other "stuff". Well, for me, this is my struggle and what I find on my personal prayer list on a regular basis. I am finding that it is getting a little easier with age. So, I guess growing old does have its advantages. :)


Trust is key for me, trusting myself. Why am I saying it? To get attention? To get payback? To get sympathy? Or am I really seeking some encouragement and godly counsel? I have been that girl at bible study who has blabbed way too much about hubs or kids or family. Honestly, most of it was to boast myself up or pride making the point you can't break me. Which is phooey:) So I have to ask why am I sharing and then I can judge from there. Having said that I also have friends who will call me on what I say and not let me get by with the phooey. Praise God for them!

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