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Lisa R-p

I journal on and off, mostly on paper. I have tried to journal on my computer, but it doesn't feel permanent to me if it's stored in an electronic file. Do you print out you computer journaling and put it in a binder?


Today I started a Prayer Book. I start each entry with "God will..." and then I plan on finding Bible verses to support my prayer and put them below the request. And of course leaving space for the answer to the prayer, and on the other side of the page, notes related to the prayer.
I do journal, both for my son's development (hand written) and a personal one (on the computer) for a particular issue I am going through right now. I tend not to write down the stuff I am embarrassed about. I think Facebook could be a diary of sorts, if we were able to compile all the status updates ever shared!

Helen at A Work of Heart

I feel a lot like you Joanne...I dearly wish that I had one of many diaries when I was young...just to read and to look at my handwriting. I do have a few from high school and college and recently I let my daughter read some about when I first met her dad...that was fun and instructional...ha!

I am so glad you mentioned Toben and your letters...I have a huge box when Carl wrote me while I was in Denmark and then all through our dating...I have struggled with how to put them together...I will work on that this summer...thank you.
I have crates of old journals...and I fear what would I grab in case of fire...journals or pictures. I love blogging because it is very much a shade of can be quite soul baring because it is me...put out there but it has been a big part of me learning to not live behind a mask and be vulnerable before others...I believe my relationships are deeper because of it.

I kind of feel like my life is a journal...what I learn in my time with the Lord...what happened during the's all good and I keep encouraging others that don't like just write a sentence...that's all...because we all need to remember...and it gets more and more difficult.

Kathleen  Jaeger

Oh, I can so relate. I think I still have that same blue diary with a lock. I haven't thrown any old journals/diaries away! I have thrown away some old letters (from others) but my own journals I have kept. I have journaled off and on since about the fifth grade. I don't know that I have ever done it every day.

For a long time I purchased nice journals to write in . But I recently read Writing Down the Bones and she encouraged writing in a spiral-bound notebook. So I have grabbed some of those and have begun writing in them. Trying to write more. But now my written thoughts are much more scattered. But I am writing more. I have just begun blogging (in January). I like it. But it is very different than journaling. I don't journal much electronically. It doesn't feel private at all. I do love to type. So I can relate to that. I have learned over the years to write on the computer and like it. But my journaling happens with a pen.

Occasionally when I need to process something that I am afraid of someone else seeing. I still write it down (because I don't want to vent to someone & I just can't get it sorted in my mind), I write it down on a loose sheet of paper and then I destroy it. Right away!

Writing helps me sort.

I am still trying to sort out how I want to blog and the purpose of that. I would love thoughts on that. If anyone has some!


Both and heck yeah there is a difference. My journal is emotional, irrational at times and RAW. Unfiltered with all my fears and struggles and the full scale of my emotions. The blog is more deliberate and retrospective. More thought out (mainly so as to not hurt anyone). I strive for honesty and integrity, and at times that means raw as well, but the emotions towards others are scaled back or left out totally. The journal is where I work it out, the blog is where I try to walk it out.


Similar progression too! I did throw away old journals with other boys, but saved all the precious letters from college between my husband and me. Still have a journal and so enjoy carring over some treasures I learn to my blog.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife

Oh honey, I do it all. I would DIE if anyone read my journals. I thought I'd left one at church the other day because I also take sermon notes in them. I couldn't dash over there fast enough to find it. :)

Love you my friend!


I loved Michael J Fox too! Had a complete scrap book of him LOL. I don't have any of my old journals either but my husband and started dating at 16 too and I have all of our letters. I cherish those and read them sometimes when I feel sentimental.

I journaled a while back when my hubby and I were have some problems and it was so cathartic!

I don't journal anymore, I blog some. I guess I am a little afraid to write down my thoughts. Afraid someone would read what I write and think I am crazy :)


Hi. I am Amy McLean and I do not journal. Sounds like a support group, eh? I wish I did, but everytime I start, I last about a week. I do enjoy reading your blog and I get loads of ideas from you. Thanks. Still waiting to see your homeschool room. :) Go Girl on another year..I am going to try 1st grade. I learned so much in kindergarten.


I still have diaries from when I was a young girl (though they are at my parents house). I switched to typing journals on my computer after I started having cramps in my hand from writing so much. I keep those journals password protected, but even so, I can't always bring myself to say everything I'm thinking for fear that someone would be hurt if the journal were read. I now blog and it is so different than my journaling. I am very careful about how much I reveal on my blog (mostly because my husband is a super private person). I haven't journaled for a long time now. Seems as though when you have the most to write about, you don't have the time.


I had a diary when I was in Jr. High. I threw it out (after tearing each page up) when I was in college. I don't regret it. I kept all letters I got while in college...went through them a few days ago and threw them all out. I do not journal for many reasons. I have a hard time expressing my feelings. Also, I would die if anyone read my inner most thoughts...I was at my cousins funeral and they were reading out of his journal...that was enough proof for me not to journal. I don't journal because I just don't have that much to say to myself (Hard to believe because of how long this post is.) I don't blog because I don't think my life is that interesting...but I love the blogs that I do read...they fascinate me. =)


I have journaled since I was in the 4th grade (and yes, I did the Dear Diary too!). As a matter a fact - I have an entire box of hard cover journals from my teenage years that I was thinking I need to throw away! I was not a Christian then, and I don't think I ever want anyone reading those things! Like you - I may regret it after (or at least a bit sad).
I journal now - I have a prayer journal. I journal about scriptures I have read, and I usually journal my prayers. Many times, I feel I MUST journal to God during my quiet time (got to get out of that strict mode of doing things!) I have blogged for.. I do not know how long (a couple of years maybe).

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