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Elizabeth Mardesen

Welcome home! My favorite part of any trip is always coming home! I can't imagine how that must feel after a YEAR! Our mom's had coffee the other morning- sounded like you have one happy momma now that you are back. :)


It is Pooh that says that. =) I wish I was wearing jeans...supposed to be 100 where I am.


Welcome back to Colorado! Look forward to hearing about the book you're reading.

Becky Dietz

We have a mutual friend in Heather (now in Az, formerly in Ut and Co). She pointed me to your blog because she knows that we enjoy so many of the same things: tea parties, charm braclets, crafts, Christian sisters and the Word. (That's probably in reverse order.)I'm delighted to see from your blog the kind of friends that God has woven into her life since she and Paul worked along side us. Know that I've prayed for you today and anticipate the time that we will be able to have tea with Heather together. Thank you for your authenticity!


So glad to hear you are settled and feeling more at home. Envious that you get to wear jeans and a sweater. It has been a hot week in the high 90's...we have an afternoon rain which is cooling things down...feels nice! Have a Great Tea Party :)


Can't wait to see some pictures of the new "old" house.:) Ahhh.....fall. Oh how I miss you.

Kim Feth

What's old is new again, and that's part of the beauty of life. Glad to hear that the unpacking is going well. My husband read your e-mail reply and then peppered me with questions about your blog! Guys must think this stuff is weird.
Kim Feth


Wow, you are fast! I can't believe that you've got so much unpacked and put away! Did it almost feel like you were moving into a new home? I bet you are seeing new decorating possibilities! :)

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

I'm glad you're home! I'm glad you're home! I'm glad you are home!!!

All is right with the world now... :)

Let's talk soon, okay? Let's plan some time together--just us!


LOVE that translation of Ephesians 1:8. What version is it??

Welcome "home"!! God is good!

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