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Howdy and welcome back.

As you know...I prayed for you whilst you were camping. During MY quiet time I pictured YOUR quiet time view...too stinkin' hot to be out on my back porch this week. Soon, though...FALL IS COMING, lol.

Oh, which reminds me. The weekend of Sept 10 is my wedding anniversary and apparently The Man has made us reservations for something. Once I get Brett's football game schedule, we will relook our calendars, mkay?

Let's see...I've been doing an Herbal Cleanse and getting my workouts in. Spending lots of Word...Deep in the Word. Loving it. Jesus the One and Only...but it's taking me way longer as I am really trying to go deeper.

That's about it from here...all by myself today as R and Brett have gone to the lake with the youth for the day and Shawn is still at boy scout camp leading...he'll be home August 4 I believe.

Okay, glad you are back. Anxious to see the pics!

Love ya.


Kim Feth

Trying not to melt in NC heat. AZ is the only place hotter than NC this week!


Glad you guys had a great time. Beautiful picture, I can't wait to see more!


oh my goodness. Hi you!!! I've been remiss on reading blogs since becoming a facebook junkie, but it seems like just yesterday that we were discussing how we wished our trips to the Lake o' the Ozarks were better timed so we could meet. (& what was that 4 years ago?)

Anyway..yes, we're moving to Denver and so excited about it. (But simultaneously sad to be leaving a great fold of family & friends). Doug will be working for Sports Authority in Englewood. Where are you exactly - because I may need to hunt down your neighborhood for sale signs!

We also just got back from a week of camping at Moraine Park near Estes. So lovely and we're so looking forward to having easier access to it. (& I just bookmarked the fact that you're campers too!)

Thanks for reaching out to me.... I'm gonna look you up on facebook so I can pick your brain on where to live, if you don't mind! :)

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