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Thanks for the reminder and the comfort. I lobs ya!

Kathleen  Jaeger

I love your nephew's name: Levi! It is my first born son's name :+) The Lord has been encouraging me in areas that I have changed in which in turn is giving me hope for the parts that still need changing. And my husband needs a job as well so I can related to yesterday's post about trusting the Lord specifically in relation to that.


Marla Taviano

Super cute pic. And I'm so proud of you with all the flexibility. And I can't help but smile thinking back to the Zoo Trip not too terribly long ago when you were in AZ and Kristen was in NY. :)

Elizabeth Mardesen

Joanne- I met your sister on Saturday at a wedding shower at my MIL's home! It was pretty funny to have to say, "Hi, I have seen pictures of you on the internet, are you Joanne's sister?!" Creepy! But she was so great and that Levi- I can back you up now- is a CUTIE!

Krista Kliebenstein

Joanne, I love this picture, your sister is so talented. I will keep her in mind when I need some kid pix.

You sound so content and I appreciate your blog so much. Welcome back to Denver! I hope you keep trusting God that things will work out. I need to do that too. I will pray for the both of us on that one!

Holly B.

Bonjour friend! So glad that you had such sweet time with your family! Hoping this is a refreshing summer for you...


You and Toben are lucky...Jo Jo and Bo Bo. My nieces and nephew call me Doo Doo and now so does their mother and father and often own mother and father, too.


Love ya,

Doo, er, Susan


Love that picture - and can't wait to see pics of the house!
That sounds so great - impromtu meetings with family.
Joann, what you said about your "plans" remind me of my mother. When she has plans - she is so stressed if they don't go the way she wanted. And as children - if we suggested something that was not in her plans, it was usually a no. It's definitely better to let yourself be transformed! I have to fight a bit of that myself - being my mothers daughter :)

Leah M

Holy shmoly, I'm going TO Denver for pictures of my kids. That picture is amazing and her kids are beautiful!


Love the picture...It has been awhile since I stopped in...
Enjoying some blog hopping tonight....Hope you will stop by...I have some great giveaways on my holiday blog and a special post on Grammy Girlfriend.


Wow, free advertising! Thanks Jo Jo.

I have learned that I can only have 1 thing for sure planned for the day. But a lot of that has to do with the ages of the kids.

Everything else is go-with-the-flow and flexibility. I can't make it through a day otherwise without going crazy. We do a lot of things last minute around here.

I've learned a lot of that from my in-laws over the years.

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