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Heh. Funny you should post this this morning. Some friends are giving me a baby shower next week for #4 and I was debating whether or not to buy THIS book for all the hostess' as a thank you gift. I have the first book (and have read bits of it but not finished it) when I noticed this one was out, too. I'm thinking this is what *I* am going to read next year. (This year, I'm committed to trying to read through the whole Bible before my birthday at the end of the year since I've never done it ... that's about all I can handle right now!) : )


I have read Jesus Calling twice through and have your same reactions. Got the new one and like it better because it has the scriptures listed, no look up. These are marvelous resources and well worth the measly $10. Enjoy!


Thanks for the book referral.... and the smile! I got a kick about the link to Bic pens!

linda t

A minute ago I was on Amazon with plans to order more copies of Jesu Calling and then I see your post on Jesus Lives. How strange.
A friend bought me Jesus Calling when it came out and I too have been blown away how God so lovingly speaks to me right where I am at each day.
So glad I didn't order yet... may need to throw in a few Jesus Lives copies. Thank Joanne.

Kathleen  Jaeger

Okay just the title of your post drew me in. I have been pondering for a year -- A YEAR -- during the last school year about just this very thing: what does a successful day look like?! And the words ring true: "You rarely reach day's end without a sense of failure to some degree." And to think of it as staying in tune with Him as the measuring guide. That is good news (not that I do that all the time! But to know my goal) This is a much needed perspective as I plan for our school year ahead as well. Thanks for sharing your insights.



I have Jesus Calling in my stack of books I'm going to read. Think I'll move it to the top of the stack and start today.

Dori Cook

Jesus Calling is my favorite devo book. I have several copies always ready and available to give away. Because I love it so much I've thought I couldn't possibly buy any of the others for fear they would disappoint! Silly, I know.

But this message today - the first day of school - was exactly what I needed to read!

Thanks for sharing, Joanne!


Marla Taviano

I needed that this morning too. Thanks, friend.

Helen at A Work of Heart

Hi Joanne,

I do believe these devotionals are so anointed. I gave Jesus Lives to my former pastor's wife a few years ago...bought Jesus Calling for your mom...had no idea why I bought two different copies...but I too have lots of underlines and notes in the margins...this spring I gave Dear Jesus to my mom and she and my grandmother shared it as she was living with my parents at the time...I bought her a copy as well and she loved it dearly right up until her passing at the end of May...there is just something about feeling like you have gotten your gentle yet firm marching orders for the day!

Jennifer Medeiros

Thank you for the much needed recommended book...Jesus Lives. I just placed an order and look forward to reading it soon. Love your post!!


There is a lady at my church who has been giving everyone Jesus Calling, and we all find it strangely appropriate to our own circumstances as we read it daily. Everyone loves it, and it's a frequent topic of conversation among the ladies.

I purchased Jesus Lives around Christmastime, and although it's set up differently than the other devotional, it's just as meaningful. Sarah Young seems to have a finger on the pulse of the common Christian experience and insights into the Word to write so eloquently to our spiritual need.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Wow! I so enjoyed getting all your comments throughout the day yesterday and hearing your stories about these books.

Love it when we can share things with each other and get a "me too!" in response.

And love all of you so much!

C.J. Good

I find your writings about a successful day ground-breaking. I wish for all the world to wake up and read about this. This is a powerful topic that really resonates with many people. I was certainly touched. Thanks so much for posting this. I look forward to learning more.

~~Allow me to share with you a newly released book for those seeking to downsize and find happiness in the simple life: "Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment," By C.J. Good. Check it out, (look inside for free - now), read it, then please pass it on to others you care about...:) sustainablecontentment dot com

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