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Tiffany Morse

Joanne, you make me smile! I am not having a great start to my homeschool year, and what a sweet encouragement it is to be reminded of the delights we do get to enjoy! I love you, have a wonderful day!


Amen and Amen sister! I will never win the lotto or be a published author by the way!


Just watched that movie last week... LOVED it. I haven't tried tapioca pudding... never had the chance, so I'm not sure if I like it. We do, however, LOVE soup... it a once-a-week meal at our home... would love for you to share your secret!

Leah in Iowa

I love homeschooling for many of the same reasons you do. However, if I were to get down to the nitty-gritty and name ALL of them, I'm afraid I'd create some sort of uprising. =)

Love tapioca. Love soup.


I love intimately know where they are academically more then a grade (my kids don't even have a concept of this since they have alway been home) then I can see the progress great or small.

Having never had my kids in a school...I must admit I do get jealous of having 7-3 free everyday..oh what I could get done!

@TIffany we had a bad school year two years ago from may very personal reasons...hang in there.



I LOVED homeschooling. 13 years! I too loved the read-alouds (as did my hubby and children). This is my first year of no schooling. The baby has gone to college and my oldest is a junior in college. We did not use an accredited program and BOTH kids got scholarships! I would do it all again and so would my kids. One piece of advice - when they get to high school look into dual enrollment at the community college - no need to take high school english AND then repeat it for college (as well as other classes required in college) AND this gives your child exposure to classrooms, professors, tests and such. Both of my kids entered university with sophmore standing and many classes already checked off of their lists.
Enjoy every minute, the time will fly by.
P.S. when my kids looked out and saw snow they headed to the ski mountain! We did the reading later. ;)


My youngest (4yrs old in Kindergarten) was looking out the window today as one of the neighborhood school busses dropped off some of the kids. She said, "Look Mommy...all the little children are finally coming home from public school. How sad...they have been away from their Mommies ALLLLLL day long" I almost cried.

Kim Feth

I am so excited for you and so in prayer for our family to be in a season of home schooling by Middle School. In the meantime, we're having such a rough start to public school this year that we're using a lot of home school resources to supplement. I have to keep telling myself it's God's timing and I'm simply along for the ride!

Kathleen Jaeger

I'm curious about why you said you would never home school and what it was that turned the tide for you in doing it. Just curious. I enjoy hearing the details of how folks started their home school journey. Also, how long do you think you will continue homeschooling? You've already been doing it much longer than you thought -- ha!HA! So who knows, right? Anyways...but perhaps you do have a thought about it.


Love your post, love your heart! Keep pouring into those girls! :)

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