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Melissa @ Studio MCA Designs

LOVE all of your pics of the wildlife. Sorry you didn't meet a bear.

My friend was out there recently, tent camping. She heard a bear one night and could see its shadow through the tent. She unzipped the window flap to peek out, and that bear was staring at her eye to eye.

I hope to make out to the Tetons and Yellowstone someday but have no desire to meet a bear!


fish are crunchy?


Oh, what GREAT pics, Joanne! When we were at yellowstone last summer the animal I wanted to see the most was a moose. Never did. In fact, with so many little kids and being with my parents (and not Doug, who was back at home working) we did not get off the beaten track much, so did not see the range of wildlife you saw. Beaver--how cool is THAT?! But we did get to see the cutest little bison calf literally kicking up his heels, leaping and bucking, in play. So cute.

Back here on Monterey Bay just this past summer I finally saw my first wild otter--and it was a whole family of them, like 30! All eating (the whole shell and rock on the chest trick, so adorable!) and frolicking and just snoozing in the waves. One of the highlights of my year.

I am sure this trip will be one of the highest points of your year too!

Laura Krasinski

Wow... this is great.. nice photos.. I love the barn photos.. my husband dismantles barns and recycles the wood.. He also restores them, builds antique log houses and restores log cabins.. THis is his blog if you are interested.. I will be uploading some new photos soon..

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