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Teri Butcher

I love learning too Joanne! Love it! I've been educating myself on politics and American government for the past few's my favorite thing to do when I have spare time!

I have anatomy/physiology this semester and I am truly impressed with our Creator! Through the years I've learned a ton about the body in general, but this class is awesome! The one thing that I've been most impressed with is the design of the body. Yes, all of the systems working together, but also the small stuff, like there's a little tiny hole in the cheekbone for a blood vessel to fit through that nourishes the bones of the face. God thought of everything! :)

I'm with you geek-y girl! I'm one too!


Mindy May

Oh Joanne ... thank you for being "geek-y" so that I don't have to be "geek-y" alone. I am taking an Astronomy class right now (and 4 other classes) and I am loving it. Actually I thought it would test my faith but it is actually confirming to me more that there is a God.

So ... Did you know .... The core of Uranus is made of compressed carbon. Compressed carbon is a diamond. Also, did you know ... it rains diamonds on Neptune?

I have my midterm in Astronomy today so I was up late studying. I am looking forward to use my freshly sharpened pencil and testing my knowledge.

Have a great day!
Mindy May


Teri's comment about anatomy and physiology reminded me of something amazing I learned when I took anatomy and physiology many years ago....

Did you know that a fetus has a different kind of hemoglobin (oxygen is transported by binding to the hemoglobin)in their blood than the mother? The reason for this is that fetal hemoglobin has a higher affinity for oxygen, so that the hemoglobin in the mother's blood will release the oxygen, which then moves across the placenta and binds to hemoglobin in the fetus's blood. It's kind of like a miniature version of tug-of-war, and the fetal hemoglobin wins! Otherwise, the fetus would simply not get enough oxygen. After the baby is born, the fetal hemoglobin is gradually replaced with "normal" hemoglobin. As an engineer, I think this is such an elegant, yet simple solution. God is the most amazing engineer and designer....



Did you know that celery takes care of heartburn/indigestion? Just munch on a couple of pieces of celery when you have heartburn. It works like magic. Celery is very alkiline so it neutralizes the stomach acids.

Kim Feth

Our entire family is pretty geeky. My son went on a field trip today to a science museum that has a special exhibit called "Animal Grossology". He now wants the entire family to go back to hear what it sounds like when a cow farts or burps, and what it's like for a cat to throw up a fur ball, and what skunk spray smells like, etc. He promised to tell us all about it during dinner tonight. Yep, that's our boy and we're proud!

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