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Julie Hagglund

Hmmm, Mine would have to be Basic H by Shaklee. I use it for everything, floors, windows, glass, furniture, wood, fabrics!

Its completely non toxic and safe for my kids to use too!

Its super cheap, around 20.00 for the bottle and it makes over 2000 bottles of window cleaner! Cheaper than vinegar ;)


white vinegar, straight up in a spray bottle for disinfecting, diluted to mop the floors, in my window cleaner recipe......I buy it at costco in the huge bottles.

I too use baking soda. I put it in a jar with a few drops of peppermint essential oil and a bit of stevia and then shake.....for brushing my teeth. I used to use it mixed with just a bit of water to form a paste, to wash my hair. Takes some getting used to.
I sprinkle and then use a frozen lemon and/or a scrubby to clean the shower.

ana f.

I love baking soda for cleaning too! I love that it's non-toxic but inexpensive and effective. I use it in the kitchen for dishes and the sink, and in the bathroom for the sink and shower. Thanks for sharing those websites too!


Vinegar. Makes a great conditioner after the baking soda wash.

Wife of Rob

A big ol' bottle of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All Purpose "geranium". One huge bottle is about $8 and it lasts FOREVER! The geranium scent just makes me happy...and for people like me that suffer with migraines from chemicals...Mrs. Meyers is headache free!

carpet cleaning raleigh nc

Having a secret cleaning solution is a good thing. We really have to look after the things that will greatly make our cleaning a breeze and environment friendly. Thanks a lot on what you have posted. This means a lot. More power.

TyKes Mom

Baking soda is an amazing household tool! My go-to product is white distilled vinegar (as a couple of people mentioned above). I have two young children and two dogs who are into everything so I love that vinegar provides a child- and pet-safe solution to cleaning and sanitizing. I find myself constantly armed with a spray bottle containing my favorite 50:50 solution of water and vinegar. Dirt and germs, here I come!

Bianca Jackson

Hm, baking soda can be a helpful teeth whitener. Don't overuse it though since it could end up damaging your teeth, thus becoming counterproductive to your efforts. In any case, baking soda has a lot of useful applications.


Great post, really interesting. Have a look at for similar ideas. I would suggest vinegar as fact it can be any kind, they all work for cleaning and removing limescale.

Fishing Alaska

Thank you! I use it in the bath,tiles toilet, as a deodorizer, general purpose, laundry, periodically freshen my mattress, hair, a pinch makes beans less gassy, scours, keeps the ants off of the counters, and roaches too! clears grime build up in kitchen appliances and on stove top, fan etc...the wonders never cease. Thank you for the article.

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