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I, too, love the library! I honestly could spend a whole day there just browsing and knowing I could take home tons of books free if I wanted. And for me, its as much about the touch and smell of the pages as it is about the content of the book. Hmmm, thinking I need to add the library to my list of to dos for tomorrow. :)


I have a little table in my bedroom's seating area where my library books live. But here's what's really great about them: I work at the library (and they pay me!) so I can check out more books than I'd ever know what to do with, and I don't collect fines. Plus I always know what's on the shelf and what new books we have!

Kathleen Jaeger

I, too, love the library. Where we keep our library books have changed over time. I used to have a special shelf. Now there is a stack on the living room floor. Most of the books are kept in the kids' rooms. And my books are usually by the bed or in the bathroom because that is usually where I read them.


Right now we are using a picnic basket type-basket for our library books. Most of the time we keep it completely maxed out and over full!

Wife of Rob

Rob and i are library frequent flyers ourselves. I recently bought him a huge brown canvas bag with Orange embroider in a collegiate looking says "Rob's Stuff"....that is his dedicated library stash bag. I bought it from Thirty One and am about to get my own library stash bag from them.

I LOVE your display....I might have to do that as well. It looks great and you have to love "functional"!

Hugs to you


Mine are stacked on the floor next to my bed so I can reach down and crack one open without getting up...lazy? indeed. heavenly? oh yes. :)


The majority of my library books are hidden in a cabinet in my desk. But the one that I am reading now is on top of diaper boxes, next to my "nursing" rocking chair in my daughters room.

I am reading a book that says reading outloud to children (even when they are old enough to read themselves) is the key to them loving to read themselves and also doing well in school. I'm curious, were you read to aloud as a child?


We have a shelf in the dining room that holds the 'library basket'. The basket goes with us to the library... returns go back and new books come home. Having a set location for the books makes keeping track of them so much easier. (do not think though that we never have any late ones or haven't lost a couple over the years :) )


I can never visit the library and come out empty handed, and there is no such thing as a quick stop at the library for me. My library books are all over the house, mostly next to couches and chairs. I love being surrounded by books and wish that I had a grand old house with a room just for a library. Can't you just see it? Floor to ceiling shelves, cozy chairs, a roaring fire... Bliss!


I used to work at a library, too! Best part about the job was that I didn't get charged late fees, so I could keep my books longer and take my time. We're like Jan at home, all those books are next to us in bed. But it'll change soon when our little one gets books of her own. :)


Just the word Library gives me a feeling of comfort. When my older girls were little, we lived in Turkey. We would go to the library every week. We would pull our little red wagon and come back home with loads of books(the most we got at one time was 72), We didn't have tv so we read a lot. Our oldest loves to read and the second one doesn't enjoy reading. Our last two girls will read at times. I love to go to the library and find books that they have in the "For Sale Room".
I try not to get too many books, seeing that I have 8 large bookshelves myself. I suppose that I should not go to the library, but there is just something special about going. My books always sit on a little stool by my rocking chair. I agree with Anuju, what I would do for a room with shelves floor to ceiling. I would never come out!!!!

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