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WOW! I wish I had read this post before I went to Micheals today, because you took the birdcage ornament to a whole new level. So beautiful! Then there's the verse... all I can say is thank you for sharing it. My husband was touched and encouraged by it too =)

Merry Christmas!

~ Jamie
Pretty Ditty

Kathleen Jaeger

I love these verses Psalm 16:5-6. God has taken me to these verses again and again in my journey of motherhood as the seasons and the boundaries of my life change. I am always bumping up against them and needing to learn contentment. I have shared a few MOPS talks on these very verses. How sweet to picture the bird singing in their freedom and contentment of their boundaries. Thanks for sharing. Great job on acing the Greek test.

Joanne Heim

Re: [The Simple Wife] Jamie submitted a comment to Birds and songs and boundaries

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for the inspiration! I came downstairs this morning and saw my trays filled with supplies and am excited to make more today. Something tells me I may go a little overboard...

Merry Christmas to you and yours too!


Joanne Heim

Re: [The Simple Wife] Kathleen Jaeger submitted a comment to Birds and songs and boundaries


I do love those special verses in our lives that pop up here and there with extra meaning. Always feels like a gift.


Caroline Perez

Amazing the way God works! Just this morning looking for a passage of scripture to share with a friend who just settled in a small rental house and needing some peace. I thought I will look at Psalm 16[ since today was the 16th) and it fit perfectly for her. So I wrote it out this morning for her. Then to see your post after lunch and the wonderful craft! I would really love to make several of these after the busyness of the holidays. Thanks for sharing, especially today! -Caroline


Lovely! I have always struggled with this verse from time to time, but you are so right. It is about accepting the lines the Lord has drawn and singing from within them. Thank you so much for sharing what you are learning from Him! I love the birdies! You can make me some any time! :)

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