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Susan Smith

I wish I could put my thoughts into words for you this morning. You know alot of what is going on. Oh, you just Tweeted me about it...popped up in the corner as I was typing this. I love that God has our hearts and minds connected! So yes...I will pray for you and your girl and I know that you will pray for me and mine. God reminds me (quite often) that He is continuing to work on ME, the adult version of My Girl, through My Girl. And if that ain't a scary thing...I don't know what is! Apparently, I didn't learn some of these lessons the first time 'round and am now having to relearn through and with My Girl. He also reminds me (often through my Godly bff's like Joanne Heim) that He will use me to help My Girl learn these lessons...since I've experienced a lot of it myself *ahem*.

His wisdom and grace ASTOUND me.

Hang in there. You are way ahead of me with this girl parenting thing. How do I know? Cuz He only entrusted me with ONE...whilst He gave you TWO!

I love you and I love those incredible young women you are parenting.



Oh no you are not alone. Thank you for sharing. So encouraging to know I'm not the only one who messes up in parenting.


I am so glad that yesterday is a memory and today is a new day. I am so thankful that God knows how imperfect I am. I am convicted to be better at mothering today - I say all of this while they still snooze. Time to pray a bit and ask for His divine guidance. There is no other way I could possible do it.


Early last week I was ready to run for the hills. Seemed like everything I did or said set off a chain of reactions that just got uglier and uglier. Then one night before bed we got down to the heart of the issue and things have been good since. One child who had been holding in a secret about a bad grade because she didn't want to stress me out. One who was angry and afraid but did not know how to express it.

Coming to an understanding is wonderful, it helps restore peace and makes the home a much happier place. So glad that yours is turning around. You are a wonderful mother and your children are blessed by you every day.

Pam Lewko

Thanks Joanne for always being so vulnerable and honest. Many a day I am overwhelmed from being a single parent day after day. Especially with my son, because Jesus can teach him how to be a man...I can not, but am doing my best.

There is something about just the presence of a man that changes up the energy and dynamics of the situation. I must remember to invite in my "PaPa" more often to those situations.

One thing your girls will always know and remember is your deep love for them, don't under estimate the power of that!

Much love to you. Happy New Year.

Kim Feth

Been there, rode that roller coaster. Am certain that I'll get back on the roller coaster at some other point in time, and probably not of my own free will. We actuallly learned a lot about our communication issues while playing a two-player game on the Wii. And your right, it does bring out the things in my (our) character that need to be prayed about and worked on desperately. And it never fails, whenever we see something in The Boy's character that needs immediate attention, it seems to be the smaller version of something that DH or I are also struggling with. It never fails.

Helen at A Work of Heart

Praying for you Joanne.

Parenting is such a great work but it is just that work.

Just wanted to remind you of your post staked your claim on more love for family and perhaps the one that only wants to keep you on fallow ground was none too happy. I hate when that happens but it tells me that this is a pure heart desire that is going to "pay big dividends" this year...that's exciting amidst the rubble of the previous day.

Praying that those new mercies are flowing today...I know how often I need a do over...sometimes moment by moment.



Thanks for letting us know that WE are not alone. I had too many days like this during the past month and vowed to start our New Year afresh! So thanks for reminding me. And glad your day is better so far.


Yes! Ever grateful that His mercies are new every morning. I must learn to stop and breathe.


I, too, love that there is day and night. I try to thank God for 5 things each night before I go to bed, and sometimes I thank him that the day is over!

I only have an 11 month old, but can already see how the mood can change (for the better) in our house when my husband is home. From time to time I get worn out after being home alone with my daughter day in and day out and it's such a nice break to have my husband home to play with her and lighten the mood.

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